Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Handcrafted Christmas

Just dropped by to let you know that the instructions and resource information for making the above necklace is currently in this issue of Beadwork:

If you're a beadweaver extraordinaire, but have never tried your hand at embroidery, I highly recommend this little project, it's just simple enough to help you get your feet wet, but the results are fantastic, and you can switch up Heather's initial bead to create a personalized gift.

Also, look what I found on Etsy yesterday?
You know what I'm thinking?
I'm thinking to use this tutorial around one of these stars with some chalky pine green and rusty red beads for instant Christmas ornaments.
(You'll have to get a bit creative with the beadwork because I'm sure the points of the stars would present a challenge, but I know it's do-able!)

In other news, I'm working on a new tutorial and am hoping to have it released by the end of this week. I'm still struggling with some muscle spasms in my neck, so I'm taking it slow, but I do so enjoy creating new designs.
I hope you have a fantastic long weekend with the people closest to you and some lazy down time just for good measure.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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