Saturday, September 24, 2011

Free Jewelry Tutorial! - The $10 Handmade Christmas Gift

Christmas is close y'all.
I know the economy stinks and everyone is trying to find a way to give really special and unique gifts for less money and you that the way to go.
I've had quite a few requests for a tutorial explaining my secret behind the Looking Glass Pendant that I created a while back.

So, I thought, why not make a free tutorial explaining exactly how to create it.
This one is simple, and I mean even-if-you're-not-a-beadweaver simple.
I've given you steps, pictures and even cross-section illustrations, so you can do this.
I completed this one in an hour and It's unique and interesting, and you can make the whole thing for about $10 and an hour of your time.
Here's what you'll need:

- MissFickleMedia oval connector (you could also use her round links)
- Size 8 Matte Gun Metal Japanese Seed Beads (A)
- Size 11 Japanese Seed Beads Metallic Iris Purple (B)
- Size 8 Raku Plum/Teal Iris Japanese Seed Beads (C)
- Size 11 Matte Pewter Japanese Seed Beads (D)
- Size 15 Silver-Lined Dark Teal Japanese Seed Beads (E)
- Wildfire beading thread (or Fireline, but do not use nymo)
- Size 12 beading needle
- one jump ring (any size)
-chain of any color and size that you'd like

*Please note: Change it up! Don't like turquoise or purple? Shannon has the coolest colors of links that you could use to combine colors.

Here's how you'll do it:

1. Cut a length of thread 5' in length and tie the thread onto the oval connector using a double knot and leaving a 6" tail.

2. String 1A, 1B, 1A.
*Pass your needle through the connector from the back and up through the second A bead that you added. This will form a loop around the metal connector, and hook the second A to the metal edge. Pull tight so that the size 11 beads pops up between the two size 8 beads.

3. String 1B and 1A and complete step 2 from the * above.
Complete step 3 until you have gone completely around the metal connector. You'll be working in a clockwise direction.

4. When you come to the end, string just 1B, pass down through the first A that you added in Step 2. Loop your thread around the metal connector and come back up through that same A. Pull tight.

5. Pass back through the B that you just added. String 1C and pass through the next B. Continue in this manner working around the connector (flip it over so you're not working in a counter-clockwise direction.) After you add the last C, pass through the B and the first C that you added.

Tip: Try to use "fatter" beads in the curves where the gaps between size B beads are larger and skinnier beads along the edges where the gaps are smaller.

6. If you are in a curve of the pendant, add 2D (choose slimmer beads) and pass through the next C. If you are along one of the edges of the pendant, string only 1D. Continue around the pendant in this manner, adding 2D along the curves of the pendant where the gaps are larger, and 1D along the edges where the gaps are slimmer. When you come to the end, pass through the C and the first D that you added in this round.

TIP: You'll have to be very intuitive. If the bead feels like it's sitting too tight in the gap, take it out and choose a slimmer bead.

7. String 2E and pass through the next D (or 2D if you're in a curve). Continue in this manner around the pendant until you have completed the last outside row and pass through the 2D.

8. Pass your needle through the beadwork until you have exited from 2E that are sitting at the top of the pendant. String 5B and pass through the next 2E. This will create a loop on top of the pendant that you'll string your jump ring on.

Pass your needle into the beadwork, knot the thread around some of the threads in the beadwork. Do this two or three times with the working thread and the tail thread. Trim the excess.

And you're done!

String your pendant on some chain. You can wear it high or low, or even attach a little charm in the center.
Try making it in different colors. Try using one of Shannon's round links instead of the oval. (The upside to the round link? Because there are no sharp curves, the beading will be much more even, no adding two beads instead of one.)

(Look closely at the silver beads in this photo. Do you see how I have doubled them along the curves of the oval. This will account for the extra width between your C beads as you come to the curves.)

I hope you enjoy creating and giving handmade this holiday season.

Also, if you'd like to continue creating presents with beadweaving this Christmas. 
My shop is packed full of tutorials here
Shannon's shop, MissFickleMedia, is also packed full of goodies for making gifts.

Enjoy your weekend all!


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