Tuesday, September 27, 2011

MIssFickleMedia Update

I talked to Shannon yesterday about the oval links and she told me she's been having trouble with her supplier and doesn't know when she'll be able to get some more links in. (Boooo!)

I thought I'd show you one of my other pendants that I created with her links to give you some options.
This pendant uses the same exact method as the oval pendant from the tutorial (see previous post) but with some slight differences.

What you'll need for this pendant:
- A MissFickleMedia connector (25mm)
- Size 8, 11 and 15  beads in whatever colors you choose
Follow the instructions from the previous tutorial with these changes:

1. Round 1: Add a size 8, size 11, and size 8.
2. Round 2: Add a size 11 of a different color in this round. (or try the same color for a different effect)
3. Round 3: Alternate between adding two size 15's and one size 11 in the same color.
4. Round 4: Add one size 11 in your fifth color.

If you'd like to suspend a bead in the center, use an eye pin and slip it onto the connector between two beads. Create the loop at the top of the pendant as you did for the oval pendant, and hang your pendant!

You really can't go wrong with this method, you get the fancy look of beadwoven jewelry with clean lines and simple shapes that are very modern. (To be honest with you, I like big grand pieces, but when you've got beader's ADD, this is a perfect project.)

Let me say, if you really, really, want the oval look. Go ahead and search on Etsy for "metal oval links" or "metal oval connectors". I did find a few that had color to them, but I honestly can't recommend a product that I've never used. Artbeads.com and Fusion Beads also has some untreated links that are just solid copper or silver.

Oh, and stay tuned because when I talked to Shannon, I put in an order for a handful of her 16mm links! I asked her to put together a custom order for me. I've got three each of these gorgeous links headed in my direction and plans to work some pendant magic!

Have a great day all and thanks so much for your response to the tutorial,  
I'm glad you enjoyed it!


  1. Muchas gracias por los tutoriales y las piezas son fantasticas.Muy originales.

  2. Un trabajo tan sencillo y tan bonito. Es un encanto. Felicidades.