Friday, September 30, 2011

Artisan Clay: The Clock and Dagger

This month, Kristie sent us buttons.....buttons....wha??

To be fair, she let us pick our poison, and I chose the long skinny blue button right in the center of this picture. (I suppose I was feeling a challenge)

Here's my creation:
I must say, I love the way it came out. It's very Pirate Steampunk-ish.
Kind of a cross between Sherlock Holmes meets H.G.Wells meets Jack Sparrow.

I took Kristie's button, sawed and distressed two thin sheets of copper, riveted them to the two center holes of the button and then riveted them together along the outside.

The center is a clock gear and a watch hand (both of which spin!) and I hung it from the outside rivets with a couple of Elaine Ray beads that were hanging around in my stash and some deep copper chain.

I wasn't planning on listing it, however, if you know you'll be shopping this Christmas for a Steampunk Pirate and want to pick up a funky necklace with some moveable watch gears that also has secret time travel powers, you can convo me here.

Enjoy your weekend and drop by Kristie's blog to see all the other artists' creations from her design team!


  1. Using the holes to attach other elements is a great idea! I have seen buttons used for the clasp, but building on them is brilliant! Really cool necklace too!

  2. Wow, Marcie - this is really cool! Very inventive way of using the button!

  3. Es fantástico!!!! Que colgante tan original. Mis felicitaciones, no he visto nunca una cosa tan maravillosamente parecida.

  4. Very steampunk!!! Love your creativeness.

  5. Wow Marcie, I love your creativeness with this challenge. I really, really like it.

  6. Wow!!! Tienes unas creaciones espectaculares. Me quedo por aquí!!!

  7. Girl, you never know when a steampunk pirate may need a stocking stuffer! I think the design is completely awesome, by the way. :)