Saturday, August 21, 2010

Margie and Me - Owl Feathers Part 2

Okay, first up, I'm gonna show you the result of me playing around with my Margie and Me challenge this week. I created these two little bobby pins with the Owl Feathers color palette.
I was lucky to find these two little Ocean Jasper ovals that mimic perfectly the spots on the barn owl.
My only complaint...the chocolate brown beads that I used in the center become rust brown when put under natural light...but, I love the little ocean jasper rounds, the speckles are gorgeous!

Okay, I promised to introduce you to my new "collection". I don't know if I can really call it a collection, it's still a little too mismatched. But, my inspiration was a collection of stones that I purchased. Ocean Jasper, Snakeskin Jasper, Aventurine...these were the basic inspirations, and it all started here...
My first bead embroidered bangle.
My Ocean Waves Bangle was created around a center bead with waves of seed beads emanating from the focal bead. I've always thought that these type of projects would be too big for me, but I love this bangle. It turned out beautiful, and not too over-the-top.
With those colors still in mind, I created this Arrowhead Pendant...
and also this oval pendant to match the bangle, called Ocean Waves Pendant.

I also purchased some bright turquoise rounds which resulted in this Moroccan Mandala Pendant.
And some tiny Jasper rounds with hints of green form the focal of these Green Star Bobby Pins.
These little Gray Raindrops feature another piece of Ocean Jasper in soft gray with row of golden seed beads to make the gray pop.

Last but not least, tiny Aventurine rounds inspired the bright colors of these Bright Star Bobby Pins.

It's still not as collected as I would have hoped, but I'm very organic in the way I create. I have to just listen to the inspiration, and every time that I picked up one of these beautiful stones, it just begged to become a certain type of jewelry, and I couldn't ignore it.
Tomorrow, I'll show you the beadwoven pieces that I've created using these Stones and Seeds. I hope you enjoy your weekend, and thanks for stopping by.


  1. Ocean Jasper is one of my very favorite stones and there are so many varieties of color combinations. Your line is really lovely, soothing colors that seem to be very calming. Great work!! I think my favorite is your beaded bangle!!

  2. I love the Ocean Waves pendant. For sale?!

  3. Great collection. I love the colors in the bright star bobby pins. They are all yummy.

  4. What a gorgeous collection, Marcie! You've done a really great job, and I can't wait to see the beadwoven pieces too :-) The colour palette you have used throughout is refreshing and very Spring-inspired...I LOVE the hint of lime green throughout the collection (yum!)

    Your first bead embroidered bangle is really gorgeous...did you have fun creating it? Planning on making more? I'd love to see you create something on a big scale, like a bead embroidered collar. Have you ever created something like that before?

  5. These are very nice - I would call it a collection if I would be you :) - don't be too humble.

  6. What a collection!!! You should be proud of yourself!!!!