Friday, August 20, 2010

Thank you.

First of all, here's a teaser....tomorrow and Sunday I'm gonna show you all the new things from my Stones and Seeds collection. It's a collection of jewelry all inspired by some beautiful gemstones that I purchased and seed beads (of course) in some really inspiring colors.
But, first of all, I'd like to thank you for your input. I didn't expect such an overwhelming response to my questions, and you guys were immensely helpful.

The consensus...
- use the book background for the initial shot, but include shots with the gray background.
- use the no-hand shot for the initial pic, but be sure to include a model shot.
I think it's great, and it will really give my shop a little cohesiveness. Plus, I think the book is perfect for fall.
I also totally agreed with those who said that sometimes props can tend to be overwhelming in a shot, and I'm glad that y'all thought that the book was neutral enough to not do that.

Okay, as a huge thanks, I decided to throw the names of everyone who commented into a bowl and pick a winner to receive a little extra gift.

The winner? Lori Anderson of Pretty Things! Alright, Ms. Lori, hop on over to my shop and pick out any ring you'd like. Send me a little convo with your choice and address (and ring size if it's necessary).
Alright, last but not least, I put some new things in the Sale section of my shop today...
See ya' tomorrow!


  1. Ohhh Lori you lucky girl you. Actually you deserve a great prize.

  2. SQUEE! OMG! I was just getting ready to bed, reading through (I kid you not) the 300+ blog posts that I had to read, and yours was the last one of the night before I begged off until tomorrow. I AM SO EXCITED!