Monday, August 16, 2010

Margie and Me - Owl Feathers #218

Okay, this week, I chose to dig into the back of Margie's book in the Living Color section. This happens to be the place where I'm most lost.

I normally get my inspiration from art or nature (as in landscapes), but when it comes to things that creep, fly, or crawl, I'm at a loss, so... when I flipped to #218 and saw the neutral tones of the barn owl, I thought it would be the perfect fall-on-the-brain project.

I used this handy-dandy color palette generator, (thank you Missficklemedia) to create this color palette. I really want you guys to be able to play along even if you don't have the book. (I do, however, recommend the book, it's the ONLY beading book that I own which does not sit on my shelf, but my beading table.)
So, here's the color palette for this week. Now, I must add that Margie puts that beautiful creamy yellow color that you see under the spots around his face as a background, and adds a little shimmery copper to the mix.
I do hope you'll play along. Ms. Elisabeth did last week, and I must admit I was totally taken by her piece. It was perfect.

Okay, here are the sale pieces for today: Rustic Turquoise Ring and...
The Stellar Necklace. (that's STELLAR...not Stell-uh!! as Rocky would say...or cellar, which is where you keep um...well...I don't really know, I've never had a cellar.)
And yeah, I know, I left some other sale stuff in there a couple of days too long, I just haven't gotten around to deleting them yet, but I will tomorrow, so consider this your second last chance! :)


  1. Ok I read this post and ran to check my bead stash and alas I do not have the beads to join this one but I will tell you the color generator thing you put up made it so easy to check against what I have! Maybe next time for me!


  2. Preciosos!! Me encantó el colgante rustico turqueza.. que color tan bello! Y el segundo que trabajo tan fino! Muy bellos.. besito, que tengas un buen inicio de semana (ª.ª)

  3. Ohhhh you have stolen my heart with that colour palette... I adore browns!

    I love your Stellar pendant too - did you ever release a tutorial for that piece as I'd love to make one if you have!


  4. What beautiful colors that photograph contains!
    Your pieces are wonderful.