Monday, August 23, 2010

Margie and Me - Mammoth Hot Springs #170

This week I've chosen to go with #170, Mammoth Hot Springs. I'm kinda cheating this week, because I've already been playing around with these colors, so this is more of a challenge to see how far I can push it, oh, and also for you guys! Grab some beads and get to work!

Here's a better idea of the palette, but Margie also includes a hint of that wonderful mustardy yellow that you see in the bottom left corner of the picture. (For some reason the color palette generator just didn't pick that up.)

Okay, and I promised y'all the beadwoven pieces from my Seeds and Stones, and just wasn't able to get to it yesterday, so here it is today...

The first is a beadwoven ring that I call Mint Chocolate Truffle. This ring has such a great feel and profile.

And then there's a Turquoise Beadwoven Ring using the same pattern as above.

Also, do you remember this necklace? Well, I took the idea and created...

The Finch's Nest Beadwoven Bracelet. I found a picture of a Finch's nest, and it the little eggs look like the little gray seed beads that I used here.

I also listed Jasper Beadwoven Nesting Bracelet.

And, just to mention how things can morph themselves when given a chance... This pendant started out as a larger version of the nests above, but just didn't quite work out, so it ended up becoming something completely different, but I really like it.

I call it Budding Stones and it features some beautiful mosaic jasper and just pulls on those beautiful colors that I've been obsessed with lately. The stones are a little larger than what I've worked with previously, but I'm really liking it.
Alright, have a good Monday, and let me know if you decide to play along this week with me and Margie! Ya' never know what you may come up with!


  1. WOW You have been busy!!! These are all so fabulous, I don't even think I can pick a favorite!!!

  2. Busy busy girl and I love all the work! Ok I checked the stash (you know I really don't have much) and I still cant play but I will when I can I promise!


  3. beautiful~ plus you kind of had me at "Mammoth Hot Springs" one of my most favorite spots around!!! Great site & I love your shop!

  4. OH my goodness, so many beautiful pieces all in one post! Your Budding Stones necklace is beautiful..and that blue is so tempting (but I found something else tonight in your shop!). Thought of you...we stayed in NC last weekend en route to FL! :-)

  5. HI Marcie,
    I made a carnival pendant last night - and if you will forgive me all the mistakes I made, hop over to my blog and have a look.
    Thanks again for the tutorial - it was great fun. Nicki

  6. Gorgeous color palate! I love all of your pieces, I am running off to check out your shop.

  7. Hey Marcie, I'll be glad to let you know how I worked with the tutorial but I can't find your email anywhere. Can you send it to me at

    Thanks for the nice comment, too.

  8. I love all of your beading. My favorite is the necklace. LOVE LOVE LOVE how it has a drop. Very nice.

  9. Wow, you have been one busy little beader! I am SO impressed by the speed at which you have put together this amazing go girl! ;-) The Finch's Nest Bracelet is my favourite...the little hint of gray in the centre of each component really adds so much to the whole design. They are all gorgeous though, Marcie! ♥