Thursday, May 14, 2015

To the new. To the lovely.

A Rise Above Ring.
A teardrop of turquoise, a band of feathers. A reminder to flap hard your wings and rise above what holds you down, even if it means you have to ruffle some feathers.

Two Prosperidad Moonstone Rings.
The roots of prosperity stem from the harvest. We have, traditionally, looked to an abundant harvest to signify the year's prosperity. We devised celebrations to mark the harvest, filling Horns of Plenty to the brim and overflowing with the fruits and vegetables of our labor. In Latin America the new year rings with twelve grapes, consumed before midnight to ensure prosperity for the year ahead.

I created this design with prosperity in mind, the little sterling silver granules on the left and right hearken to handfuls of grapes and the moonstone in the center a nod to our moon which controls tides and marks the seasons.

These rings are about abundance. Not every moment in our lives will be abundant, not every moment overflowing like a horn of plenty, but if that time is here, celebrate it, and if it's not, wait for it.
"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens." - Ecclesiates 3

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  1. Once again my friend you speak directly to my heart!

  2. I read, enjoy and learn from your blog. Thanks! Keep on posting.

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