Thursday, April 30, 2015

La Bella Joya

It was an opportunity that didn't come along everyday. The chance to see and touch gems cut by the hand of an award-winning artist; amethysts and garnets, tsavorites and tourmalines, aquamarines...the list goes on. I knew I was out of my league before I even left.

I dressed to the nines. Hoping that my nicest shoes and make-up would somehow make my bank account bigger than it really was, and all the while wanting above all things to not look like I didn't belong. My husband saw it too, I'm guessing it was the shoes. He didn't join me that night, opting instead to watch the little one, and on my way out, he said something to me that I'll never forget.

"Please remember no matter what you see tonight, that you are the most valuable thing in that room."

It was hard to believe as a little parcel of gems came my way with a cool $23K listed on the price tag, but as the night wore on and brightly colored earth candies one after the other slipped in and out of my palms, I realized he was right.

Everyday I create under the title of La Bella Joya, the Beautiful Jewel, head full of rubies and emeralds, sapphires and pearls, and even turquoise and agate. But that night my husband reminded me who the real Beautiful Jewel was, it's me. It's him. It's our daughter. It's my niece and nephews, my sisters, the list goes on. The beautiful jewel, la bella joya, is the irreplaceable. It's you.

There will always be more amethyst, there will always be another ruby, but there will never ever be another me, and there will never ever be another you. This....this little offering is for you.

You are valuable.
You are beautiful.
You are...bella.
In the shop.

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