Friday, June 6, 2014

Stringing Magazine Winter Submissions

If you've been reading my blog at all and for any length of time, you'll know I'm a huge get-out-there-and-get-yourself-published cheerleader.
I've done entire blog posts before on how stinkin' easy it is to get published! (Nine times out of ten, you send in a great photo of your piece and you'll get an enthusiastic "Yes!" from the publisher!)
I always look forward to getting Stringing Magazines Contributor Guidelines in my inbox. (They've published my piece before so I'm on the list, but it's super easy to find all that info right here.)
I don't always submit but I enjoy using the themes and color schemes to challenge my jewelry making or inspire my color choices when I sit down to my bead table.
I took some time today to find some bits and bobs on Etsy inspired by the colors and themes for this issue and also thought I'd share with you my initial creative musings about each theme. If you'd like more info about any of these supplies, click the photo to take you to the Etsy shop!
First up, Star Struck.
My initial thought on this palette was silver. Sometimes you can get away with pairing some of the warmer metals, copper and brass with delicate colors like lavender, but in this case, especially since you're trying to capture the shine of the stars, I think sticking with silver or pewter for your findings and finishings is probably your best bet.
These brass coins from SupplyDiva have such a bright shine that they almost go silver.
These bad caps from AtlantisGlassandBead are tiny, but have such great texture and flash that I think they could really pack a punch when used in a design.

This next palette is a huge challenge for me, I generally don't do delicate and feminine. I mostly make gigantic pendants and chunky bracelets, but this color palette has a very feminine, almost English Garden flair. I recently bought a necklace for my mom that was a gorgeously wrought lampwork bead on thin silver wire. The artist had embellished the bead with tiny wire-wrapped crystal drops.
There was actually a lot of work in the necklace but it was the size and clarity of the piece that gave it such a delicate air.
Stick with chain and findings that are small in stature and embellish your pieces with delicate crystals or tiny charms.

Cap a gorgeous, clear lampwork bead with these lavender caps from BalancedDestash for just a hint of color and hang from delicate chain.
Or, alternatively, think about your materials as feminine, this chain from BeachCastleBeads may be a bit chunky, but what's more elegant than silk? And used in just one strand as a bracelet, the effect is very feminine even if the size is a bit more chunky.

When you're making jewelry that is quick and easy, you want the biggest bang for your buck, meaning you've got to find one or two components that are going to really punch up the color and interest such as a spectacular pendant or three or four chunky and colorful beads to make up the bulk of the necklace.

These tassels from WomanShopsWorld are amazing. They really don't need much to be the star of the show. 

Also, when your piece is quick and easy, each element has to carry it's weight. Think about your stringing materials, chain, cord, as a chance to really punch up the color. This cord from KarmaBeadSupply doesn't need much.
This last palette is a challenge for me. Generally, I don't wear black, I did go through this phase where I wore a ton of black, but quickly decided that life was too short and black was too boring.
Also, who wants to make black jewelry in June?!
Actually, this sounds like the perfect reason to challenge myself to submit something to the all black category!

These beads from TOMSsupply, large, chunky, and black are just awesome, I mean awesome. I'm dying to learn this polymer technique but really, do I have time to add that to my list of things to learn? Um, no. So, I'll content myself with allowing someone else to do it!
My note on black? I don't think it necessarily has to equal glamour. There are plenty of black supplies that don't necessarily include a lacquer finish and can definitely go more tribal and less Hollywood if you'd like them to.
I love these chunky wood pieces from LikeBeads8.

I hope you're inspired to submit to Stringing this time around. Be sure and check out the link above to their submission guidelines and visit their Pinterest boards for more inspiration.
I hope that me throwing some of my ideas against the wall will stick for you and maybe get your creative juices flowing!
If you decide to submit, let me know! I'd love hear about your experience and would definitely look forward to seeing your name in the contributor section! ;)
I hope you're enjoying the warmer weather so far and getting plenty of sunshine. I'm off for a walk with baby.
My favorite part of these days are the cool evenings when there's plenty of daylight but the sun has slipped behind the trees and the breezes are cool. The sneakers come on and the bikes come out and we take full advantage of the Southern summer nights!
Enjoy, y'all!

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