Monday, June 9, 2014

New New New Pendants!!

I promised y'all an update this weekend, and it proved to be more difficult to get that done, but it's up today! This is really just a hodge podge of inspiration and ideas and creativity. I just kinda went with the creative muse on these pieces and made what I wanted to.
Here are the new pieces:
First up, are some bracelet or necklace banners in copper with laminate backgrounds in some fun phrases:
(Yes, it's a nod to Pharrell and my one-year-old's current favorite song!)
This one has two holes, I see it more as a necklace bar with some fun dangles or maybe a pendant connected below it.

We've been working on a small garden this year and while the zucchinis and squash need a bit more love, the peppers have taken off! Very appropriate for the season, I think.
These next two have one hole, but I could easily modify them if you want, just convo me!


This one, is listed at a discount. For some reason, the copper plaque just didn't follow the curve of the laminate.
I don't know if I stamped on the back, or what, but it's not up to par, so I've listed it at a discount..

Now, on to these.
I LOVE the way these turned out. Two cut triangles of laminate, riveted to one hammered and patinated triangle of copper with double holes for hanging. This first one is a bit smaller.

This second one is definitely larger and I've added a bit of copper detailing at the top. These were a bit more time consuming, but they look awesome. I've slightly rounded the edges so that they won't snag on clothes when worn.
Super chunky and very textural.

A bracelet bar with the word sawn from the laminate.
I've got a couple more of these in the works.

Another sparrow in some more earthy tones. These have been pretty popular and I must admit they are really lovely to wear just attached to thin chain.

I also listed this little guy Made To Order. He's been pretty popular on my last two updates and I've got the samples to make two or three more, so get him while he's still around!

All of these cuties are in my shop and I do have a couple more to list that I will probably try to add this afternoon if I'm able.
All of these are in the shop!
Also, if you have an idea for a custom piece you'd like me to work on, please feel free to contact me! I'd love to create something special for you!
Have a great week all!

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