Tuesday, July 1, 2014


I've been in a funk the past couple of days.
Not a lot of fresh inspiration.
Which is weird considering I have a full sketchbook full of ideas and some Pinterest boards to help me out.
I've also been working through the Etsy Seller Seminar which helped me tremendously to sit down and revamp my shop and give it a fresh read.
I sat down and worked through my About page and profile, making them reflect the things I'm more interested in now and not so much then.
I've also decided to offer my pendants all put together.
I've put them on slim 24" copper chain that hangs long and is perfect for layering.
To reflect that change I've taken some new photos.

I'm still offering just the pendants of course if you'd like something to use in your own jewelry creations and taking advantage of Etsy's 'variations' feature which allows me to price differently if you buy the pendant alone or on chain.
I like the double-holed pendants with the jump rings, but for the single pendants, I'm not such a fan.
I'm thinking about hanging them on ball chain. That's how I've been wearing my feathers and butterflies as of late. They're so lightweight that they really can be worn on just about anything.
I did purchase some silver and copper yesterday and have some plans to make some rings and maybe some more pendants with copper backings that have a bit more weight to them.
I'd also like to make some more bracelet sliders. I really, really like wearing the ones that I've made so far.
Baby hasn't been napping in the afternoons lately...what? Never heard of a 15-month-old eschewing naps.
Anyway, what do you do when you're stuck? How do you find new inspiration? It's got to be new-mom friendly. (I can't exactly hop a plane to the far reaches...)
I hope you're enjoying your summer. It's been lovely around here. Hot, hot, hot, but so wonderful in the evenings and we've been walking and riding bikes just before dark to take advantage of the coolness. Have a lovely weekend, folks. Happy Fourth if you're American, and if you're not, I hope the fourth is a lovely day for you regardless! 

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