Tuesday, June 3, 2014

More Ideas than I know what to do with..

I wonder if I could outsource my prototyping? 
I have so many ideas and not even close to enough hours in the day in which to execute. 
This is a riff on my earlier run of bracelet sliders

This one is a smidge larger and incorporates some laminate because I'm smitten with this particular material. I've been researching different brands of laminate trying to find where the most interesting colors and textures are and unfortunately it looks like I'm pretty limited in finding local distributors, I'll have to keep hunting down sources where I can find them.
It's become my instant source of color for someone who is enameling-challenged. Yeah, I just can't get the enameling to work no matter what I do, so I've had to work around it.

Anywhoo, you'd think by now I'd have the riveting technique down pat, but there are still some instances where riveting just doesn't work right, and I'm thinking that I need to switch to larger wire (maybe 16g) for the cuff sliders.
I also need to work a bit on my stamping, a harder thwack with the hammer perhaps? I need a deeper groove to form the letters, but like I said...prototyping...

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