Sunday, May 18, 2014

Elephant Caravan!

It's May!
I can't believe it's May!
We've had various relatives show up for the first part of the month from both sides of the family so we've been busy and gloriously unbusy at the same time.
We've also been tackling some home improvement projects which involved a lot of paint, some stencils and some refinishing of furniture. All of which have taken up most of my time.
However, I did get inspired to create a few new pendants.
These are from my Caravan Line.
(It's not really a thing, but doesn't it sound good to be like, they're from a line. So chic.)
I've been so inspired lately by all things tribal. (By lately, I mean for the past two years.) And I've enjoyed watching my other bead buddies create elephants and feathers and tribal goodies and wanted to give them my own spin.
The feathers were the first truly tribal thing and now I'm hopping on the elephant bandwagon (or is it a caravan?) and making these cuties!

They were inspired by the very Indian elephants that are decorated for festivals and such. 

They've got blankets and headdresses.

And I've got dark gray elephants

But also some lighter gray.

I've used solid background colors and for the decorative touches, I've chosen colors with a bit of texture and interest.

I've got a whole caravan listed in the shop, along with two listings for custom elephants!

If you order a custom elephant, you'll get to choose light or dark gray, along with the accent colors. Oh, and also, for custom elephants, I can do something extra special.
This little pink guy is headed to my niece, but if you know someone who would love a personalized pachyderm, I've got you covered.
(How cute would one of these be for a mom with baby's initial?!)
If you'd like a chain added to it, I can do that to, just convo me through my shop and we can work out all the details.

I hope you're enjoying the month of May so far. I can't believe we're halfway through!
Stay tuned for more laminate fun and thanks so much to those of you who have supported me in this little venture! I hope you're enjoying wearing and creating with your pieces as much as I'm enjoying making them!

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  1. Nice charms. I really like your little bird charm. I've been wanting to make time to create some butterflies and flowers or even an owl. I've got LOTS of countertop laminate to share. Would you be interested? Canada