Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring is Coming

"Spring is coming,"
I hear the Paper Whites whisper to the Daffodils. Little yellow heads nod in agreement and slender green arms reach toward the sun welcoming the light.

"Spring is coming,"
The bumblebee hums to himself as he hovers over fresh blooms, a busy little worker collecting nature's loot.

"Spring is coming,"
The doe leans down to whisper into the ear of the little faun and they both flick white tails in greeting as I pass by.

"Spring is coming,"
The Robins chirp to each other as they pass by, gathering twigs and leaves for sturdy nests to hold fragile eggs.

Spring is coming.
I feel it in my skin that soaks up the sun's warmth and smell it in the delightful scent of new growth.

I wanted to share my Spring with you. This is something new for me. A limited edition of note cards, each, a tiny snapshot of the wonders of my own personal garden. Bright pink Azaleas, buttery Daylilies, purple Pansies, these are just a few of the glories of a North Carolina garden in full bloom.

These pictures were taken last Spring just after the baby was born. It was a celebration of live and renewal and after the winter we've all had this year, I think it's a timely reminder of the freshness of Spring.

There are five cards in each set, printed on card stock and with a glossy photo finish, each arrives with an envelope and I've left them blank inside so you can fill the whole card with your words.
I'm offering them here.

I do hope you'll remember, no matter where you are, and no matter how much snow and ice still cover the ground, that Spring is coming.

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  1. Goodness but I am in love with these! I spy a pansy in there, my favorite flower. Your talents are all-encompassing, Miss Marcie, revealing themselves as petals unfold in a miraculous blossom. Thank you for the poetry and the images. Beautiful, indeed! Enjoy the day. Erin