Monday, March 31, 2014

I don't know how this happened.

One day, I was bringing home a tiny 6lb. 8 oz. little human.
I remember my hands shaking and stomaching knotting as we bathed her in my mother's bathroom sink, tiny little hands and bright pink skin.

We're still not sure where she got blue eyes.

I think it was just the day after that she started gumming Cheerios and we wondered if she'd ever grow into her ears.
I'm pretty sure it was just last week that we started drinking out of tipee cups and watching little knees pattering around behind little hands on hardwood floors.

I blinked and a year passed.

On Wednesday, she decided she was too good to crawl and hasn't stopped walking since.
Happy Birthday, Little One.
You'll never know how much you've meant to me this year.


  1. What a beauty!!! Happy 1st Birthday!!!

  2. What a doll!! She is very pretty. It does seem like just yesterday you told of her arrival. Just wait till you see what THIS year will bring.

  3. What a precious and beautiful baby girl! Happy birthday!

  4. What a darling :) I won't tell you how fast it goes from here, Marcie :(

  5. Una preciosidad de criatura !!