Saturday, April 5, 2014

Did you see this?!

I happened to be of the generation that was blessed with Disney's stellar series of hand animated musical cartoons that featured beautiful princesses and handsome princes and I know it's not PC and we shouldn't teach girls to rely on men, blah...blah...
I think girls learn far more from the women who shape their lives everyday than they do from cartoons.
What did I learn from the Disney cartoons?
Beautiful dresses come in all shapes, sizes, and colors and so do the women who wear them.
It's far better to be beautiful of heart than beautiful of face.
Often, you'll find your destiny in the least likely of places.
But, the thing that I enjoyed most about the movies was how it brought my sisters and I together. We spent countless hours watching and singing along to these movies and they will forever be the loveliest of my childhood memories.
So, when I saw these, my jaw just dropped.
I first viewed the line up on Pinterest, but the article appeared on The Knot Blog.
Can you guess which one is my favorite??
Okay, I'll tell you...
Which one is your favorite?!

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  1. Oh! My! Goodness! I love them all for their hidden messages and different personalities. I love the coppery color of the Pocahontas. But I resonate more with the Jasmine or especially the Cinderella as she is my favorite Princess. You should have seen me when I 'met' her on the Disney Cruise in 2000. I was 7 again! Enjoy the day. Erin