Sunday, November 3, 2013

Drops of the Earth

This piece started out as something entirely different. I created the open circle with the intention of making a very different looking pendant, I had a big chunky stone that I was going to suspend on the was a cool idea, and I may still do it, but while I was working on the bezel for that stone, I just happened to glance over where I keep my stones and saw these three sitting side by side.

 I immediately saw a kind of snapshot of earth's elements...the deep green of the forested trees, the sandy yellows of desert dunes, the deep brown of mud and even the chalky whiteness of broken limestone.
I decided instead to suspend each stone from the bottom of the circle, a representation of drops of the earth.

The top stone, the clear quartz has a little moon cut out in the back. I really wanted it to be a snapshot of the earth, including the moon that orbits it. I also used the scalloped bezels which I normally don't reach for, but for whatever reason, this time, they turned out just gorgeous and I think it's exactly what this piece needed.
The only thing about the piece that's currently bugging me is the chain. I only have small dainty chains in my stash and this pendant needs something larger and with a bit more heft. I may have to look into getting some rolo chain or perhaps a long strip of high quality leather that would allow the pendant to hang a little lower. Hhhmm...I'll have to think on that.

The second little piece that I've been working on is a ring, just a tiny bit of royston turquoise suspended on a sliver of silver.
It's definitely the turquoise version of my gumdrop ring and it hasn't left the first finger of my right hand since I made it. (yes, it is on my left hand in this photo but that's because I needed my right to take the picture!)
I normally prefer large rings with flashy stones and a heady design, but these have been such a joy to make. Solid, smooth silver around a royston turquoise egg with a lightly hammered band for just a bit of texture and then I dunk it in liver of sulfur until it takes on that nice chalky inkiness.

From there, I like to finish my pieces by hand. A series of sanding sponges and finishing papers until it gets the color and shine that I want. 

I do understand why a lot of artists like to hand finish their pieces. It truly gives it personality, a bit of imperfection that reminds me that my hands made it.

There will be more of these, I'm addicted to the construction process.
I'm beginning to see myself as one of those ladies with a ring for every finger, though I swore I'd never give in to that!
I hope you had a wonderful weekend that that your first day of daylight savings time didn't find you bright eyed and bushy tailed a whole hour before your normal wake up time.
I've never been bothered before by daylight savings time, but this morning when my seven-month-old was up and at 'em at 6:15 am, I realized I've entered a whole new phase of mommyhood and thus begins the task of resetting baby Rosa's body clock, which I can tell is going to be more difficult than pushing some buttons on a coffee machine.
Enjoy your week all!