Thursday, October 31, 2013

All in the process

I really like the process of planning a design. I like picking out the stones, sketching the shapes and organizing everything into something new and interesting and pleasing to the eye. I like to just grab a stone or two off the bench and put it beside other stones to see how it works.

The assembly process is where the challenge is for me. Can I execute the design? This is where I always run into my knowledge gaps which will inevitably find me referencing a book or website or YouTube. 
Once I get past that hurdle, I can dig in to the nitty gritty of finishing a design to my own anally retentive level of perfection. The whole thing is a definitely rewarding process and each new design is a new challenge. 
Tell me, what's your favorite part of the process?

1 comment:

  1. I so enjoy hearing about other artists' process! I would love to work with metal and stones the way you do. I think I am too shy for that process. So for now my process is all about stringing and wire work and using art beads. What I love is getting that spark. I love to have the materials inform my direction and lead me where they will. When I do sketch a design I find that it is so fully fleshed a vision that it pops into life in my hands. Sometimes it doesn't always go as planned but when I have to take a detour due to lack of materials or technique, I find that it can be even better! Thank you for the inspiration! Enjoy the day. Erin