Friday, October 4, 2013

A Story of First Fruits

"Mornin' Mom! What am I doing in a high chair?"
"Having breakfast you say? Mmmm! Is it milk?"

"Whoa!! Not milk! Not milk!"

"Whoa oh!" Still not milk!" 

"What part of 'NOT MILK' did you not understand?"

"Ack! I really wish this were milk!"


"Can I have some milk?"


  1. Even frowning that face is still adorable, Marcie! Brought back memories... I think mine all preferred veggies over fruits :)

  2. Hehe. I remember that and am looking forward to that :-) but i am not rushing it i am enjoying my 2 month old baby. Babies make faces at the texture mote than the taste and it takes about 10 times for them to decide if they really like something or not

  3. So cute! All my kids liked fruits and some veggies, but not the yucky 'meat' Your post brings back such wonderful memories, especially since two of my kids have moved away and the third is a sophomore in high school!