Monday, September 24, 2012

Guilty Pleasures

 I truly am a girl of many varied interests, most lean toward the higher forms of art, literature and music. I can also argue politics and I once had a dream of being a History major. I do like good poetry and find it intriguing in English and magical in Spanish. I'm perfectly content to spend hours lost in museums and I'm fascinated by ancient civilizations.
However, it can't all be high art and while most people do consider avant garde to be art, it ain't DaVinci, so trust me when I say I consider it one of my guilty pleasures.
Why do I like to spend time perusing snapshots of runway shows?
I like the color combinations.
I like the shapes.
I'm intrigued by the interpretations of trends that fell out of fashion decades ago only to burst on the scene fresh again with new life.
It inspires my creativity and my jewelry and challenges me to use color in everything I create.
These are from the Fall runways (which, as you know, happened in February! Six months ahead, always...).
Here are my favorite picks:
First up, Louis Viutton:
I love the simplicity of this, it's for any woman and every woman and I appreciate the throwback to the early 20th century. I wonder why women ever stopped wearing lace-up ankle boots with long skirts. This is adorable.
This is L'Wren Scott:
A totally different show but here we are again, early 20th century. The short bob of the roarin' 20's with the little embroidered cardigan and bright canary yellow stole with a pair of pants.
Very chic.

And this one from Oscar de La Renta:
The long brocade housecoat fastened with an oversize Tiffany-esque brooch hides a high-waisted pencil skirt and soft blouse.
I adore the deep blue and almost platinum headband pulled from the colors of the embellishments in the jacket.

Christian Dior:
The print in this blouse immediately caught my eye. It was so pleasant to see something this bold interpreted in such a soft and pleasing color palette. I can imagine the same print in a Spring show would be all bold blues and punchy tangerines, but here it's calm and soothing for Fall.

And finally, from Carven:
I liked the shape of this one. The keyhole neckline, the full skirt and the dusty, kind of understated and antique color palette remind me of a Monet.

What about you?
What's your go-to inspiration?
Where do you look when you need a shot of shape or color?
If you'd like to share mine, you need only drop by here.

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  1. Marcie,

    Love the second picture with the bright goldy-yellow pop of color.

    Would you mind sharing how you were able to get the color choices from the picturs?

    By the way, congratulations on your marriage and the baby on the way.