Thursday, September 27, 2012

Somewhere in Between

In some ways September has flown by and in other ways it's crawled.
I'm finally over my first trimester and I can slowly feel the nauseau working its way out of my very tired body. I haven't been able to do much really, but the last week or two has seen me move from the couch to the porch where I've been soaking in fresh air and a bit of sunshine.
I'm still not back to being completely me and quite frankly my body is rebelling at the stagnation of it all. I tried to do too much yesterday and the day before thinking,
"Hey, I'm good!"
only to find myself flat on my back last night with my body protesting the fact that I tried anything it didn't approve of beforehand.
I have always been a go,go,go, and do,do,do kind of girl and I'm slowly learning that in this case, lying on the couch is okay.
Not doing that load of laundry won't mean the end of the world.
Things won't begin growing and sprouting out of your carpet if it doesn't get vaccummed regularly and you can wait one more day to clean the bathroom.
But most importantly, I realized that just lying there I am doing something and going somewhere. I'm growing another human being and even on 11-week ultrasounds I can see hands and feet and a little body turning cartwheels (at least one of us has plenty of energy!).  
I had no idea it would be so exhausting, but I know for sure it will definitely be rewarding when all is said and done.
I'm so thankful for my family who has stepped in to fill in the gap I've inevitably fallen into.
October is just around the corner and I for one will be welcoming it with open arms and I'm so thankful that when the nauseau does end I'll be able to walk outside into cool breezes and crisp mornings and I can leave windows and doors open to let in the freshness.
In the meantime, I'm enjoying the in-between.


  1. Oh, sweetie, I have been thinking of you! You are doing the most heroic thing imaginable, giving life. Let go and don't worry about all the things you used to do do do. And I have to tell you that it likely won't change for many many moons. And that is okay. Because this new role you are stepping into is the most important one ever. Know that I am thinking of you. Enjoy the day! Erin (P.S. Rub your belly for me!)

  2. How did I miss the news! Congratulations!! I'm so excited for you!