Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It can't all be about the bling.

What do you think about when I say "czech glass"?
Depending on your experience, you probably think....
...interesting shapes on long strands with lots of facets.
...or maybe you've got a collection of leaves that could adorn a small forest...

...or maybe you were like me for the longest time and thought, eh, it's all about the bling (which, for me is definitely not an everyday thing) and you just weren't attracted to all the shiny shimmery.
Well, you were wrong my friend (and so was I).
I recently took the opportunity to upgrade my czech glass collection to reflect the cooler feelings of fall and I was pleased to find czech glass in some modern fall colors with opaque and matte finishes that definitely lend themselves towards recreating crispy fall leaves and dry branches with furry woodland creatures that are out and about enjoying the cooler weather.
First up:
Polymer Clay Acorns from Jettabugjewelry that I've embellished with Umber Opaque and Opaque Olive Faceted Czech Glass Rounds.

Some ribbed rounds in gorgeous fall shades from AnnesGlassJewels that I've combined with White Picasso Jet and Chestnut Brown Czech Glass Rounds.

The cutest little Rustic Bees from BeadsbyEarthTones with Goldenrod Opaque and Umber Opaque Czech Glass Rounds.

All of my czech glass shopping spree was purchased from BeadsbyC and I couldn't be happier with my fall stash!
Quick update before I go on my Embroidery Made Easy E-course:
Round 1 is in full swing and Round 2 is also full.
If you're still interested in taking the class I'm more than willing to do another round later in October, just send me an e-mail at abney_m(at)yahoo.com.
Enjoy your Tuesday!


  1. I want to play in your fall stash!!!! Those colors!!!!!

  2. Oh Marcie!!
    Thanks for including my polymer clay acorns in your gorgeous fall picks!!! It is very much appreciated....Jetta

  3. Those are gorgeous fall colors!

  4. Nice choice of colors. Will you show us the pieces you composed with them? Your jewelries are very finely crafted as well. Great work.