Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Brand of Feather Fling

I told you I'd be back with feathers!
This is the first of my flirtation with feathers.
It's an embroidered medallion of jasper and pressed czech glass overlaid on a pad of coppery guinea feathers that I've laid out over a lightweight but sturdy aluminum headband.

These headbands are always difficult to photograph, but I think worth just about every second of the work. I really wanted to mimic the shape of the feathers in the medallion so I chose to use the pointed czech leaves and to kind of have the feathers coming out from behind. 

It's big, I mean really big. It has a lot of substance and width and plenty of glitz and glamour to match. I've decided to list this one in the shop, but I'll have to list it later this afternoon. I've got an appointment this morning, so keep checking back in if you'd like a new fascinator for the summer! 

Oh, and I'll be putting the Bloom Where You're Planted cuff in the shop as well. I'm very thankful for the response that I got from it. I've been wearing it around the past couple of days and I just love it!
It's really not a difficult create as far as metal goes but the result really was a cute cuff! 

Have a great day and hopefully I'll see you at the shop later this afternoon! 


  1. Marcie what I admire the most is your great eye for colour - no matter what palette you choose, it´s always something special and recognizable.
    Greetings from Ireland!

  2. Absolutely drool-worthy! Lovely job. <3

  3. Wowza, That headband is just so totally gorgeous. Loving your sense of design. It all works so well together. and the vibrant color is a feast for the eyes.

  4. is absolutely gorgeous in special the natural curve of the feathers do a very nice feature and the beads match perfectly

  5. Wow I love that headband. LOVE. And the cuff is beautiful, you are so talented!

  6. Ohh that's gorgeous Marcie... and matches my bracelet I bought off you a while ago! It looks gorgeous in your hair... those feathers are quite special!


  7. That headband is a beauty! And that cuff is super cute :-)

    I have been missing from Blog Land for a while, so I had to read through your posts to catch up. I am beyond excited that your wedding is planned for May...that news has just made my whole week! What a joyous time for you...the nerves, the excitement... Eek! Did I mention I'm excited for you?! :-)


  8. I love the head gear with embellishments.Very nice earthy colours and look for young teens even.

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