Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Feather Fling

I have found myself suddenly in love with feathers.
I'm not really sure why, but I purchased a few beauties in some of the deepest most gorgeous colors.
I've been running them through my fingers and matching them with beads and stones from my collection.
I can't wait to make some beautiful pieces...a combination of soft whispy colors with striking stones and flashy finishes.
In the meantime...
here's some of the feather inspiration that's got me going...

Forest Nymph by FeathersofArtemis

Feather Bracelet by Studio Tambria

Hera's Cuff by Beadmask

Beaded Collar Necklace by AnnicaJewelry

Peacock Fascinator by FoothillCreations

I'm also thinking feathers for the wedding. Just little whispies in my hair and my sisters'.
On that note...the last piece of inspiration...

Ivory and Gold Veil Comb by SurroundingsOnline

How about you?
Bitten by the feather bug yet?  ;)


  1. Oh My! I love the beaded collar necklace! And I can totally see you doing a piece like that!
    Can't wait to see your feather creations!

  2. I love the hair fascinator! It's lovely.

    I'd love to include feathers in my work, but I wouldn't know how to attach them and keep them in place. The talented gal over at Good Quill Hunting, however, recently created a gorgeous bead-embroidered feathered tiara. To. Die. For. :)

  3. Awesome feathery creations! I have a parrot and I'm always stunned by the beauty of his blue, green and orange feathers. Little works of art by themselves!

  4. These are quite spectacular!!! I am not usually drawn to real feathers - but these pieces just might change my mind!!! Can't wait to see your feather-y creations, Marcie!

  5. hi! Feathers Of Artemis here! Thanks for featuring my Forest Nymph necklace!

  6. That last one is gorgeous, would be beautiful on you. I like feathers but I can't wear them unless they aren't touching my skin. I break out in hives :-)