Monday, April 23, 2012

New Growth

I've had growth on the the mind lately.
The colors here are amazing, bright buttery yellow, hot magenta, and deep garnet...and those are just the roses! The world is blooming, welcoming Spring, and I can't help but feel the growth in my soul as we prepare to move houses.

In the meantime, it shows up in my work.

A deep, milky dot of green onyx for the leaves that have sprung to life both in my garden and on my little workbench.  

The maker's current initials (soon to change!)

(I've thought about initialing out La Bella Joya, but I don't want someone 100 years from now to find my ring and assume it was handcrafted by a former US President.)

The little leaves on either side look like they're growing from the onyx. That was what I wanted, the rough imperfection of nature hand wrought with a saw and silver from the faceted perfection of the lapidary wheel ground from green onyx.

This ring is all Spring, and a celebration of the true birth of the new year.
It's here if you'd like to see more. 
Enjoy this beautiful Spring day!


  1. Love it Marcie, really pretty.

  2. Beautiful Marcie! I love how you have pierced the leaves to saw the veins! The little details really stand out!