Friday, June 3, 2011

New Design and Tutorial!

We're deep into summer over here.
And by deep, I mean up to and far above the eyeballs.
Yesterday the thermometer reached 97 and the heat index reached 101, which effectively kept the entire Abney clan in a swimming pool from 11:30 am until well past 2:00 pm.

The result is that said clan (and by that I mean everyone NOT just the toddlers!) took a late afternoon nap to recharge from the energy drain brought on by the sun.
Which is why my latest tutorial is being brought to you today and not yesterday!

My original plan was to give it a name that reflected the little diamonds created by the weave that you can see in the center here, but when I went to take the pictures, I set it on its side like this and it looked just like a crown, so I changed the name accordingly.

The best part?
It's woven in one continuous stitch! Yep, no rethreading needles, or sewing together components. I created the whole thing with just two threads!
That's been one of my goals lately is to create designs that are less component based, though I do love components because they have so many other applications such as pendants, earrings, etc...
I've also made it a goal to use the "difficult" beads in my work, such as bugles.
I bought these bugles probably a year ago and they've been sitting in my stash kinda lonely, so it's nice to have a reason to pull them out of the bead bin and give them a home.

But, anyway, The Queen's Crown Tutorial is in my shop. I've also added it to my Buy 2, Get 1 listing for bracelet tutorials.

I've decided to create a listing for those of you really wanting to splurge on tutorials for yourself or as gifts for the budding beadweaver.
That's a $24 savings!
You'll get to choose six of any of the bracelet tutorials in my shop. This is the perfect way to get started on Christmas shopping for this season.
Purchase the tutorials now and you could have gifts for all the lovely ladies on your shopping list by the end of the summer!

I hope you guys are staying cool in your neck of the woods and hopefully next week I'll get back to some more regularly scheduled programming!
Enjoy the weekend!


  1. Love the bracelet, you are such a creative person with a needle, thread, and beads. When I have a little more mad money I may have to take advantage of the buy 4 get 6 deal.

  2. Beautiful! I love the light and elegant feeeling to it. You're so great with colors :)
    And I have to say, the bracelet tutorial bundle is a sweet deal!

  3. I was looking for links to my name, "Abney," when I came across your site. My Wife is an artist and loves your jewelry. I am sure we will be in touch. I see the Love you craft!

    Scott Abney