Saturday, June 4, 2011

Studio Saturday: Rethinking...

So, I had some time to think about my tutorial bundle listing that I posted yesterday, and it dawned on me....
Buying four and getting two was exactly the same as buying two and getting one twice.
(Did you follow that math?)

I went back and updated the listing to really reflect some serious savings for my super savvy beading shoppers.

So, now, you can get the full directions to make seven of my bracelet tutorials for the price of four!
That means that by purchasing this listing, you'll save $36!
(Isn't that like four gallons of gas?!)  

Which means, like I said before, you can start working this summer and have a brand new handwoven bracelet to give as a gift to every lovely lady in your life.
I'm also in the process of adding the materials list in the Etsy listing for each piece so that you'll know which ones you can start working on immediately.

So, when Christmas rolls around, you can sit at the Starbucks with your feet up and a smile on your face, sipping a Peppermint Mocha Latte while the rest of the world is running all over each other trying to save $15 on sweater from the Gap.

The listing is here:


  1. I loves maths! This is a great deal : )


  2. Marcie, what a great deal.... but I'm not up for that big of a challenge yet! When you create a tutorial for newbies, I'm there! And better yet....again I ask for an online eCourse - with videos!!! :-)