Wednesday, May 11, 2011

One Question

Okay, maybe it's a few questions:
This is for those of you who purchase patterns.
What do you think about kits?
Do you use them?
Do you like the idea of getting all of the things you need to create the piece without hunting the materials down, or do you prefer to create your own versions of the patterns with your own colors?

I'm toying with the idea of offering kits with some of my smaller pieces that require more than seed beads, like my Carnaval Pendants or my Bollywood Bling Ring.

I'm just curious as to what you guys think.
Also, would you prefer to have the instructions arrive in your inbox by e-mail or on a CD?
I'm not sure what the cost of a kit would be, I'd have to do the math.
How much have you paid for a kit in the past?
I've seen some beadweaving kits with a pretty high price tag.

Let me know what you think! Even, if you've never purchased a jewelry making kit, I'd still like your thoughts on why you've never bought a kit.
I really am curious to see how much interest or uninterest there is.

Last thing....
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Enjoy your Wednesday!


  1. I LOVE kits. Buying a kit with everything included is so much easier than trying to find all of the different items needed. Especially when you don't have a local bead shop.

  2. I don't think I've ever bought a kit. Mostly because I rarely follow instructions from start to finish. I like to buy patterns and print free ones of the web, but often when beading I branch out in my own direction or just simply use it as inspiration for other creations of my own. So either way I have to add beads from my own stash and probably wouldn't use all the beads supplied in the kit. And I've got a fairly big stash so chances are I've already got the materials the pattern requires at home. Also, I like to choose my own colour combos.

    Besides, it's always nice to have an excuse for going bead shopping again... ;) [online, I don't really have a LBS either.]

    In some cases, kits have felt so expensive compared to buying the beads myself and add from my stash, even if it means I'll get leftovers. Because those leftovers can be used for other projects. Or, if not, I sell/swap/give them away. Add to that the fact I mostly buy patterns from other countries which would mean the cost of international shipping for the kit can be considerable.

    One thing I do like about kits is that they often come in different colourways and that can be inspirational, seeing them and how the choice of colours affect the mood of the piece. That's why I like when you find examples of the pattern made up in different colours in the tutorial.

  3. I love the idea of kits but I have been burned by some before (not jewelry ones) so I have been very hesitant to buy any. I was thinking if you wanted to offer the special beads in an inspiration pack that might work out better. I know that sometimes in my excitement of gathering and ordering supplies I have a tenancy to miscalculate a lot so that would work so well for someone like me LOL.

    I have also found that kits carry a very high price tag compared to purchasing or using beads you already have. I know may budget wise people may try not to spend too much and make their stash work for them.

    I know so far this hasn't helped but the only other thing I want to add is that you do have a gift for colors and picking out just the right beads and with that in mind a splurge on a kit from you could be very very enticing. Just sayin.

  4. Hm. I never bought a kit. Though keep thinking about it... :) If I fall in love with the colours and especially when I want to try out something new. Like a new technique, requiring new materials. But I always end up buying bits one by one and one day I have everything needed. The other thing which keeps me back from kits is, that I always like things from "abroad". The cost of delivery etc...
    And I like to play from my built up stocks :)
    But that's just me.
    Give a try, make up some kits! I'm sure there are many people out there, who are waiting just for that! :)

  5. I have bought a few kits and I have to say, I love them. They are often very expensive though and that's the main thing that puts me off because I think they're great - I love having everything packed up together for me and arriving in a lovely box! ANother thing I really like is that there are often a few beads left over, usually enough to something small in the same colour scheme and that's something I really appreciate. ANd it helps to offset the expensive price tag!! ALthough I usually make things of my own design, sometimes it's nice just to switch the brain into a totally different gear and just follow. As far as instructions go, I like them to drop straight into my email box :-)

    PS Congratulations on winning those Kylie Parry charms! SERIOUSLY jealous!

  6. I have not bought a kit as of yet, I buy patterens and magazines, that way I can put my own twist on it by choosing the colors and materials I want to use. I can see how a kit could be good thing, you have all the supplies inclued with the patteren and you can always make another one using your own choice of materials. If you were to put a kit together I think I would scrape the money together to buy it, I love your creations.

  7. I think a kit would be good for alot of people, I too am one who has never bought a kit, I have studied up on techniques through magazines and such., but I might try a kit someday ...

  8. I do buy kits, and I'll buy just the patterns too, for me they are a good way to learn new techniques. I like the kits, it's very convenient to have everything you need right there. I think I'd rather have the instructions emailed to me. Price depends on the item I think. I bet most of us know what is fair depending on the beads involved.

  9. I do not live in the U.S. therefore, buying kits is really out of the question as taxes and customs are terribly high here. The cost of a kit could even be 3 times as much as the kit itself.
    Regarding patterns and instructions, for the same reason I mentioned above, I prefer them via e-mail. I think many of the foreign beaders outside the U.S. will prefer them emailed, as well.
    Receiving instructions via e-mail also cuts down on cost for the artist, and allows the buyer to decide whether or not to print out the instructions. I have quite q few friends who bead directly from their PC, without having to print the instructions, which also cuts down on their expenses.
    I also think sending instructions on CD would get the price to go up, in addition to mailing expenses...

  10. I haven't bought a kit yet, mainly because they are more expensive. Having said that, I don't have a local bead store so I do my shopping on the internet. I sometimes have to buy from several sites so the shipping adds up and I just forget it. I would love to try a kit from you because I love your work, but I would have to have very detailed instructions because I haven't tried bead weaving yet.

    I love the bracelet at the bottom of the newsletter with the bronze beads. I don't know if that is a hard piece to make, but I would love to try it.

    I think e-mail instructions would be better and cheaper than a CD. I'll anxiously await your decision!

  11. I've never bought a kit. I love putting together colors and beads so a kit would sort of take the fun away from me! On the other hand, if it were a pattern that I just HAD to have and it were only offered in a kit, then maybe...

  12. Oh, and to answer your other question, I prefer to download the pattern. I'm all for instant gratification!

  13. I usually buy patterns and tutorials. I find that my wrist size is bigger than the usual kit, so I like to extend the pattern if needed. Sometimes it's a wait for find the materials, but I'm ok with that.

  14. I buy both patterns and kits. I usually only buy kits as a reward or to take on vacation. Nothing is more frustrating than to be on a trip only to find I forgot to pack some beads. All that down time and no beading to work on! It's rare to find one internet site that sells everything you need for one by the time you add in all the shipping and minimum ordering requirements, sometimes the kit is really cheaper. Especially when you include the time spent searching the internet trying to find everything.