Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday's Materials

Celebrities have personal fashion shoppers.
I definitely need a personal bead shopper, but alas, not yet, so I've been hunting down some cool new finds for myself and I thought I'd share...

First off, I've really been into adding little drops to my work and there are some really great vintage lucite ones out there that are easy on the wallet and the eyes.

First up...

both of these are from Reduction Nation.

Some faceted Milk White Teardrops from blacksheepbeads.

Bright Blue Ocean Arrows from missficklemedia.

Some chunky tribal Carved Leaf Barrel Beads from PenGwynneBeads.

Also, when it comes to metal, there's nothing wrong with using factory-made pieces. It gives you a little wiggle room in the wallet to use handmade artisan pieces in other places.

Funky, Squiggly Antique Copper Chain from Goshen.

Copper Marquis Links from GemmeTressor.

I actually bought this exact sample pack of ribbon on Friday and am patiently awaiting its arrival. I have big plans for these....big plans. ;)

Silk Sari Ribbon from DesignTalentedOne.

How about you?
What's on your materials wish list for this Monday?


  1. Oh, great eye candy. Love the squiggly chain.

  2. I like your finds Marcie, I went to my local indoor flea market today and found a necklace that had one of the colors of the challenge in it so I bought it got it home and took it apart so I can use the beads. I think I will start doing this more on my off days.

  3. I especially like the chain and links. I have a ton of "wishes" in my favorites list on Etsy! Seeing these on your blog, I think I'll post some of mine on my blog.