Saturday, May 14, 2011

Studio Saturday: Picture Frames, Bead Stars, and Cool Tools, oh...and Steampunk

First of all, I guess you guys are aware that Blogger decided to throw a hissy fit on Thursday and Friday so I wasn't able to get back to those of you who left messages with your response to my kit question. Well, it's Saturday and I guess after two days of getting slapped around by Daddy Google, Blogger is back so I'd like to thank all of you who gave me your feedback to the question of kits. I'm thinking about everything you said and definitely weighing the pros and cons of offering kits.

In the meantime, I worked really hard this week to get my newest tutorial finished!
I call these little pendants Picture Frame Pendants, because well...

They use a mix of bugle beads, Tila beads, fire-polished Czech glass and seed beads in sizes 11 and 15. You work the pendant in rounds and when you're done you have this little beveled frame that is perfect for showcasing a little bauble or stone in the center.
I've used simple faceted teardrops for the center, but if you've got a super nice briolette of kyanite or amethyst, it would look gorgeous suspended from the center of the frame.
You can find the tutorial here:
Picture Frame Beadwoven Pendant Tutorial
And now that I have three pendant tutorials in my shop, I've decided to bundle them, so you can get my Carnaval Pendant, Medallion Pendant and the new Picture Frame for the price of two!
I've listed it here.

I also wanted to remind you (since there are only three days left) to go vote for your Bead Star Favorites!
I've got two pieces in the running this year.
The first I call Fauxmaille because it looks like chainmaille, but it's made really simply with stone rounds and copper findings.

I also entered the Seed Bead category with a Steampunk-inspired necklace.
There are some great entries and you can vote more than once, so be sure and pick your top three in each category.

And finally, I wanted to show you the two new pieces that I've got in the shop for today:
The first is a Steampunk ring that I created using some more of the vintage watch faces and little gears that I found. I call it Keeping Time.

And, I also made a set of bobby pins with the same materials. They are similar in style, but different in color. I call the set Time and Again.

Okay, last but not least, I came across this great tool on the Bello Modo site that uses the colors of Swarovski crystals to create different color palettes. Even though I don't use Swarovskis that often, I think this is a great tool for experimenting with color. You can see it here.

Thanks for hanging in there with me today! I know it was a long post.
I hope you have a great weekend!


  1. Girl - that steampunk-inspired necklace is to DIE for. You need to work that in to your pieces more. LOVE.

  2. Marcie, once again you have out done yourself. Not to minimize all of your pieces, but I think the frames are very original. I don't think you should stop this design with the tear drop pendant. They would be over the top with a small wooden tile with decoupaged or textured copper or silver squares. Go for it.

  3. Great pieces Marcie! The frames are so unique and creative. Thanks for sharing the site for the tutorial! I'm headed there now. Connie

  4. Oh.Wow. That Tila frame is totally fantastic, and I honestly think its the first one that I've seen that actually uses those two holes to do something NEW, rather than something that realistically you could manage with a one hole bead. Beautiful! I may have to purchase....

  5. Wow Marcy, Love the frames. Very Original. But more so, I really love all the Steampunk you have been doing lately. Steampunk used to freak me out, but once again, you have just inspired me to try something new. Thanks for the color tool link, too.

  6. Marcy,
    I love seeing the beautiful works of art that you produce. I love the picture frame pendant, simple but elengant. The Steampunk ring and bobbie pins are very nice.

  7. Girlfriend! You are ROCKING the HOUSE! I love those frames. I want one. Oh yes, I do! Will you be making any for sale (you know my aversion to all things seed beads!). And that Fauxmaille...that is by far the best design in the contest this year! I predict that not only will you win the metals category (my piece in in metals... second one... called "Tin Blossom") but you will win the whole shebang. That is my prediction! I hope it comes true. I love all of these things. You are so clever!
    Enjoy the day!

  8. I love the tila pendants - what a great idea... but I have to say I love your fauxmaile necklace... it looks fantastic! I'd wear that in a heartbeat!!


  9. I love your work! The frames are so cool and the Fauxmaille necklace is gorgeous.