Monday, February 21, 2011

RAW Inspiration

I blame Maire
She was doing it first, using little bits of metal to create cuffs and stacks and little pieces of art to wrap around your finger.
And she put a link up on her blog post.

Cafe del Sol made with resin and paper.

And I?
Well, I clicked the link and followed it to find some of the most amazing pieces of wearable sculpture ever.
 With a little added challenge to join, create, and upload a Ring A Week.
So I decided to take up the challenge, and throw my little beads in with the amazing silver, copper and brass creations that I was seeing.
Chunky Mint Turquoise made with turquoise chips and wire wrapped.

And it truly has challenged me, I can't do soldering, I have no clue how to set a bezel, and I'm just beginning to work with wires, so I set myself to make something that could stand next to the higher forms of art that I was seeing.

Tila Flor made with Tila beads and little seeds.

I'm still getting over the feeling that what I'm creating is somehow less artful that the other rings because it's not metal.

In the Difficult Times, seed beads and little watch hands that really spin.

So, each week, I approach the challenge as an ode to the bead and I create my piece to show off the amazing beauty that can be found in a simple seed.

Brassy Bezel Ring, A brass beaded bead suspended on a wire frame.

You see, I owe it to these little guys. For four years they've never let me down, and have been part of who I am creatively.
I know they're not made of sterling silver, and I can't polish and tumble and oxidize when I'm finished, but there's something beautiful about a seed that grows to become something larger than itself.

Suspended, metallic purple beaded bead hangs on a metal frame.

I guess, in the end, it's the difference between a guitar player and a piano player, both are amazingly talented, but I'm pretty sure only one will play in Carnegie Hall.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you'll visit these piano players...
They're amazing.

Joanne Harrill -

Kerry Alice-Twigs and Heather -

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Maria Apostolou-

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Joan Furilla -


  1. Marcie, I think your RAW designs to date are fabulous. Funny thing - I started out making jewelry silver. I bought the torch, saws, etc. I thought the grass was greener on the other side. I am obsessed with seed beads, plus I spend less because with the price of silver there can be no "regrets".

  2. don't underestimate yourself, your talents, your work....all these rings are gorgeous and i do consider them art. the clock one is so creative! i love the RAW one, too. i keep wanting to learn that stitch, but i'm very intimidated by it. beautiful work!

  3. I hope that as you wrote this you were being a little "tongue in cheek"! Do not underestimate your talent. Your rings can stand up to any metal made piece! Keep up the good work.

  4. Your work is incredible, and I am so drawn to your style!

  5. your rings are awesome!
    you sound like i felt ...... a little intimidated! but i am glad i joined!

  6. You are an amazingly talented artist! Medium is less important to me than artistic content. I love your work and look forward to seeing your new designs!

  7. I totally agree! don't under estimate yourself! Rings don't have to be made of metal and your rings are just as creative as some of the others!

  8. I am another one of those intimidated daily ring makers.
    Everyone's skills are remarkable-including your bead work!
    Besides its great to have diversity in the medium.

  9. Your rings are beautiful and it's great that so many of us are using different materials.

  10. My dear Marcie, I used to think about my work the same way. But you know what? There are guitar concerts in Carnegie Hall. Material is not important, the artist counts - you - and what you do with what you have. So, now I appreciate paper jewelry and I wasn't before. Want to learn to make rings like you do... have no clue about wire wrapping or beading.
    What is important is your emotion transferred through your work to others, and your emotions are very delicate and tender and beautiful. Hope you don't mind me writing a novel here :) To cut the story short, I really love your rings! Glad you joined RAW!

  11. fantastic rings, variety of points of view are important and valued!

  12. I always find it so refreshing to see work in mediums other than metal. Material is not that important and metalsmithing is not everything....check out last year's Ring-a-Day flickr pool if you don't believe me:-)
    Your work is beautiful just the way it is.

  13. You are amazing and you need to keep going where ever your path takes you!

  14. I love your wire wrapping work!

  15. Yes, but that Brassy Bezel ring is one of my very favorites and Tila Flor! Whoa it's beautiful! You need to distract your inner critic for this whole year and just let it pour forth. After awhile you will see that what you make is really your art and it should be left alone to flow out of you naturally!

    Nice to meet you Marcie!