Saturday, February 19, 2011

Margie and Me: February Reveal

Okay, I'm going to go ahead and admit it...
I was only able to do one of the Margie and Me palettes for this one.
See, I ordered some Tilas that would go perfect with the Constructivism palette, and they never arrived!!!
So, I stuck with creating something for the Madrid palette.

I chose to pair this cute little component link that I bought from Nancy and add a few wire-wrapped links, a little bead embroidery, and some leather.

I'm still debating on how I feel about it. It's a lot different than my norm, but ya' know, sometimes you've just got to go for something. I'll let you know if I intend to keep it that way or not.

I also finished my RAW for the week, and it's a wire-wrapped ring that incorporates a little beadweaving.
I used a little beaded beads and suspended it between two arms of wire.

I also created a second ring. This one is straight out of Jodi Bombardier's book, with the exception that I added the two arms on the side instead of just the one.

The purple ring is not quite as comfortable to wear as the brass one.

But, the thing that I worked the most on this week and that I am really, really proud of is this...
It's a wire wrapped pendant that I created using Jodi Bombardier's techniques.

But, while I used her techniques to create the weave, the chain, and yes, the clasp, the design is all my own.
My inspiration was the peacock. I started out with the pendant facing up, like a peacock's tail, and added the color along the edges and at the top. (Did you think I was gonna leave my little seed beads behind?)

I then wire wrapped the components together and finally created the chain and clasp that finish it off.
It's not silver, though it looks it.
It's actually a high quality copper wire with an antique brass coating that has such a great oxidized color.
It's much more cost effective than silver and is great especially when you're just learning! (That would be me.)

I'm actually going to list this beauty in my shop, it's here if you'd like to see more photos.

It's my Birthday!!!!
So, I've decided to share the love with y'all! That being said, if you use the code
anytime this weekend, you'll receive 19% off any item in my store, including tutorials!
It's my way of saying thank you for a great year.
Be sure and tell your friends, because this deal only lasts until Sunday night, and then it's GONE!

Okay, if you participated in Margie and Me this month, go ahead and leave a comment with your link. I'll try to come back and add the links to the bottom of the post, but if you didn't play, be sure to check out the comments to see if I missed anyone! 
Here's a couple that I've already caught this morning: 
Have a great weekend guys!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARCIE!!!!!! I absolutely love your challenge piece. And might I add I am rather enjoying your exploration, and mastering of wire work!!! The pieces are coming out beautifully.
    Here is my challenge piece for this month:

  2. Hi Marcie!
    I love your Margie and Me piece! You make wire wrapping seem so easy, your pieces look so professional!
    I just finished my Margie and Me post, here is the link;
    Have a nice weekend!


  3. Oh, and I almost forgot the most important thing!!! Happy birthday!! I hope it will be a wonderful day!

  4. So sorry I was unable to contribute this month, but blown away by the entries... such a creative bunch :0)

    Your wire work is rocking, Marcie. From your work, it looks like you have already found your groove and creating such professional pieces... love 'em.

    Happy Birthday Marice... hope you have a magical weekend

  5. Hi Marcie....Happy Birthday!!!!

    You're wire wrapped pendant is absolutely gorgeous!

    Here's my Margie & Me challenge piece...thanks for the challenge!!! I really had fun..

  6. Oh Marcie!!!! I don't know which is my fav! You have done some beautiful work and I love that you didn't leave the seeds behind!

  7. Marcie - Best wishes for a wonderful birthday. Your "piece" and all of your other bead devotions are lovely. I had to pull a rabbit it out my hat just to stay in the game. Read it here.

  8. Happy Birthday Marcie! Love your movement into wireworking. Those pieces are awesome! Just finished up my challenge piece. Here's the link for it.
    Thanks so much for these challenges!!

  9. Beautiful pieces and Happy Birthday! Your wire-wrapped pendant is really impressive. Here's my contribution for the color challenge!

  10. I love all the things you show here. You are so good with the wire. I am envious. It looks very interesting what you did with the wire in that Madrid one, is it possible to get a closer look? Please. A photo of a larger size or high resolution. Could be the same one, just that I want to be able to come closer.

    All my best,

  11. Happy, happy birthday my friend! May all of your wishes comes true :-)

    For some reason, I haven't been seeing your blog updates on my I've just been reading through your last 5-6 posts to catch up. Wow, you have been busy! I'm thrilled to read that a boutique will be stocking your gorgeous jewels...I'm thrilled to see your pushing your skills further and learning a new technique...I'm thrilled to see the result of said learning ;-)

    Your wirework is just gorgeous! How are your fingers holding up? They can get rather sore with all that wrapping! LOL

    Keep up the great work...I can't wait to see more! :-)


  12. Happy birthday Marcie!!
    Amazing pieces!!! You are sooo talented! The peacock pendant is unique!But everything you make is always beautiful!! :)

  13. Happy birthday Marcie! Thanks as always for hosting the challenge, and congratulations on your publication in BeadStar!

  14. Happy, Happy Birthday!! Love your new wirework pieces, all of them but especially the rings. The beaded beads in the rings make it so much more interesting than a single bead or stone. Hope your day was very special!!

  15. Happy belated birthday! Your wirework piece looks fantastic and those rings are just gorgeous!

    I have just posted my Margie & Me piece... a few days late as the weather here has been awful and raining when I get home from work which has made it impossible to photograph...anyhooo it's up now!


  16. I love how you've done the last wirework necklace, with the little seed beads. Following the challenge is always interesting, seeing others' interpretations of the colors and themes. Speaking of which, here is my post, encapsulating both this month and last month's challenge: