Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Orange ya' glad I didn't say "honeysuckle"....

Now, I'm not one to follow the world of fashion (unless you count Project Runway),
but I was in the B&N the other day with some time to burn and found myself flipping through Vogue's runway issue.
It was pages and pages of runway shots from the Spring 2011 collections.

And, I found a disturbing trend....

Now, I will be the first to admit that I loathe the does nothing for me and I can honestly say that I own not one bead of this little menace.

But, I realized that I had never really seen it en contexto.
So, I've chosen a few of my favorite orange-y designs for you and created a little color palette to show off their georgeousness.

The first is from the designer Alquilano, and I'm a huge fan of the muted tones that he uses, and even the geometric print. It's kind of like orange mixed with a little gray.

The next is from Stella McCartney and it's a typical summery color palette, bright orange with bright yellow and leafy green.
This is basically the color that comes to mind when I think of orange.

The last is from Sonia Rykiel and yeah, you're right, this is more honeysuckle than orange, but I really liked this palette for some reason.
And again, the geometric prints were everywhere.
It's a great way to mix colors and add points of interest to your palette.
(Think about adding a little charm or unexpected color pop in your jewelry)

If you want to see all the runway shots from Spring, you can go here and just go to the Spring 2011 season and start scrolling (or if you're really adventurous, Fall 2011 is already up!)

So, what about you, what's the color that scares you off?
Are you gonna challenge yourself to use it this year?

Don't forget about Bead Soup this Saturday! (I have yet to start mine!)


  1. Hee hee! I ♥ orange!!! If I had to pick a color that scares me I would say it's yellow. I don't not like it, I just am not drawn to it.

  2. I kinda like orange - burnt orange, not bright. What color scares me off? Hmm... I guess yellow.

  3. I do love orange! To me orange is bright, smells good, fun and makes me smile. Like your other two comments, yellow scares me off - bright, loud yellow. Buttery yellow is ok.

  4. Ok, so I'm gonna be different...the color I avoid is....beige! I know that sounds crazy, but it's such a blah color to me that I can't even mix it in with other stuff. Now that I live at the beach, I'm loving the vibrant oranges mixed with turquoise, or white, or pale blue. So many possibilities. You so need to go see the pic I posted yesterday orange peel! :)

  5. Orange with Pink Gotta Love it!

  6. My mom wears a lot of orange, so I have a lot of orange beads.

    I also don't particularly care for purples, but like orange a lot of people like purple so I have quite a few beads.

  7. I usually don't go for orange either, but when I got my Bead Soup I had a change of heart - I got a super cool orange, white and black agate focall and I just loved it instantly.
    I love the examples you picked out, those are some well balanced palettes! Very inspiring :)

  8. Pale colors scare me, cuz I look totally washed out in them. As for colors to bead with, yellow scares me. Also beige scares me cuz its kind of bland. I guess maybe it's time to challenge myself with these colors. P.S. I've been following your blog for a while now, and I don't think I've ever told you how awesome it is.

  9. You know I loathe orange too... it clashes with my skin and well I just don't like it. However mixed with tones of brown it's wearable so that is how I choose to wear it! Mixed with earthy tones.

    My other colour I usually avoid is purple... which is odd as my husband pointed out to me only this week that I adore amethyst but not purple...hmmm... go figure!

    Marcie perhaps you can choose a colour palette for Margie & Me focused on orange to put you out of your comfort zone!! It might test a few of us!


  10. Haaaaaaaaaa I laughed out loud when I saw your post title! You know you'll eventually come around to're well on your way. I love the palettes you made--they really make the most of some orange-y shades and show off the potential. Get to work on that soup!

    Take care!


  11. I never really thought much about orange...i definitely don't look good wearing it, i know that much. But in jewelry (and accessories) i don't mind so much.

    The color palettes that you show are always soo inspiring though! And definitely now makes me think twice about what works with orange!

  12. I am an orange fan. In fact, I don't think there is any color I don't like. I hope the next palette is vibrant colors.

  13. Love your post with the fashion pics and color palettes. I really like the idea of making some spring color palettes.
    For me yellow is the hardest to love. I have no problem with antiqued gold but yellow makes me feel green and look bright red if I wear it. I always disguise yellow by using the muted tones that are more beige or add white to make it less intense. I do have 1 tube of yellow beads. Haven't used them yet. I suppose that would be a great challenge to actually use them...I will be back to see your bead soup!!

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