Monday, January 31, 2011

Margie and Me: The Modern Madrid

For those of you who've been around for a little while with me and Margie, you'll know I like the art.
Which is to say that the color palettes generated by art tend to be among my favorites.
Nature? Eh...not so, of course, for the month of February I'm skipping the little hearts and tiny naked baby angels, and we're going with some more modern lines and mature color palettes.

First up is the palette from Margie. The Colors of Constructivism is #102 in her book, The Beader's Color Palette. The palette is awesome. Some deep grays and light grays with just a splash of black and a pop of teal. (I love the mix of teal with gray).
Of course, check out Margie's book for the Delica numbers, and this time around, she even has a pattern for this design in the book!

The second palette is one I chose myself...and to stick with my theme of visiting the Spanish-speaking world, we're jumping from Mexico to Madrid and specifically right onto somebody's balcony. I love this bright mustard yellow color with the punch of denim blue around the balconies.
I've also got a million ideas about shapes running through my head.

Image from JMDasso

Okay, here are the dates so you can keep up!
Jan. 31: New Palettes (see above)
Feb. 7: Sneak Peek. I'll post a sneak peek image of mine and leave some space on my post so you guys can leave links to your sneak peeks.
Feb. 19: The Reveal! I know it's a little early, but there's no way I'm gonna try to compete with the Bead Soup Blog Party! So, we'll do our reveal a little early.

Okay, here are the rules:
Create a piece of jewelry using one or both of the color palettes above as inspiration, show off your piece on your blog and come back here on Feb. 19th to show a link so we can all enjoy it! You can use any kind of technique, just as long as it's jewelry.

Thanks to everyone who played along last month and I hope you like this month's palettes!


  1. Marcie,
    It's so funny for me, because I am not a huge "paintings" fan. I am much more likely to be inspired by nature. Having said that, I have really enjoyed the paintings you have introduced me to thru this challenge. I am not a modern art fan at all, but I love the colors in the first pic. I really fell in love with the black and yellow, so I think I'll try it first, and see how much time I have for the other, since I also have my Bead Soup to work on. Thanks for the absence of pink hearts. :)

  2. So I don't have to be a slave to seed beads to participate, Marcie? You know what I feel about those little buggers! I love your inspirations and just might have to follow along more closely! I love the palettes you show too, that is my favorite part to see it all broken down that way.
    Enjoy the day!

  3. Hm, I'm also more the nature fan, but I love the palettes. So let's see if I can deal with the early reveal.

  4. Great colour palettes Marcie... I love both so might try and make something simple for each so I can do both!!


  5. I missed the last inspiration because I was a slave to my tutorial mission. I love the mustard color palette. I will work diligently toward the reveal date

  6. Love the yellow/black/charcoal color scheme!


  7. Oooh, I love both of these palettes equally! I don't have beads for any of them though.. But since I'm still waiting for my Bead Soup Party pack, I might just cave in and get some beads for this one. It's kind of hard to wave of inspiration when it just hits you like that:) Thanks Marcie, for giving us this awesome challenges!

  8. HEY! Either I haven't been here in a while, or I'm blind, but I LOVE the new header!

  9. I love the yellow palette, I may have to try and sneak in some time to play!

  10. Hi there! I just discovered your blog and these wonderful challenges! I'm hoping to join in on the fun even if I am just an amateur jewelry maker. Your creations are sooo beautiful too!

    penny of earthlyjewels

  11. OK, piece is finished and sneak peek is online. A little late, but I'll post the link. Can't wait for the reveal!