Saturday, January 29, 2011

Margie and Me - The Reveal for January

Okay, this month we had two color palettes if you'll remember....
The deep dark rainforest in earthy greens, and woodsy browns....
and this bright blue storefront in a little town in Mexico...

Which did I pick?
Well, I chose to go with the rainforest. I had recently bought these jasper pendant beads and they were just calling my name.

This necklace features a lot of wood, which is something that I'm totally not used to using, but I really like the look it creates. The little copper square is actually a box clasp that I bought a while back. I thought it was too pretty to be stuck at the back of someone's neck, so here I'm using it to hang the pendant.

I created four beaded beads just for the occasion. They use the earthy greens of the inspiration with a just a touch of the brown.

I'm calling this one, Down the Amazon and I've listed it in my shop, but if it doesn't go anywhere, I might just keep it for myself!

Okay, the second color palette was really giving me some trouble. I tried a few things earlier in the week that just didn't work out, and then I had a wonderful customer request that I make her a bobby pin. She sent me the inspiration photo and when I was done, I realized that what I had looked a lot like my Margie and Me palette! So here's the little bobby pin as my second entry!

Finally, remember when I said that I really wanted to work on my photography for my shop? Well, I worked really hard this week to take new photos and re-arrange some things. It's not perfect, and I'm still tweaking some things, but overall, I'm really happy with the way it looks.

I've also put some old items on sale for this week only, and after Sunday, I'm getting rid of them! You can see them all here.
Here are the new items for this week, and the new pictures.

This first one I call Double Bunting Necklace, and that's exactly what it is. Two rows of little bunting flags created with beads and strung together.

The result is very festive if you ask me! You can see more pictures here in my shop.

I also created a spring-inspired version of my nesting bracelet.
I call this one Berries on the Vine and as I was creating it, all I could think about were the not-quite-so-ripe blackberries that we used to have behind my house.

Last but not least, I created another chunky stone ring. I made one of these a while back but sold it to a friend, so I decided to create another. The colors are great and if you like big rings, this is your man...or woman...and it's in the shop here.

Thanks so much guys if you played along this month with Margie and Me! Don't forget to leave your link so that everyone can see what you did!


  1. I love that necklace. I have a feeling that it is one that will be snatched up because it is so lovely! Your bobby pins are always so adorable. Makes me wish that I wore them!

  2. Love your Amazon necklace and the bunting one is awesomeness too!

  3. Ohh I adore your first necklace - the box clasp works really well as a focal! I also love your Double Bunting - what a great idea!

    I've just posted my creation. Thanks for the challenge again!

    Karyn ♥

  4. Wow what beautiful color combinations this month - both my favorites (earthy, and anything in that shade of blue!). I can totally see why you are tempted to keep your Amazon necklace! I love that clever focal/box clasp! And oh that bobby pin is so sweet. I wish they would stay put in my hair - and I'd be the bobby pin Queen! :-)

  5. Posted my reveal early and was then out for the entire day... couldn't wait to see all the lovelies this morning :0) I absolutely love this piece Marcie. The combination of the beaded beads with the wooden ones gave the design a real "rainforest feel" and the way you incorporated the box clasp was perfect... a beautiful piece.
    Can't wait for next months challenge... I really look forward to them. Maybe we should consider exchanging our different beaded components and see what we all come up with... just a thought :0)

  6. Another gorgeous creation and inspired palette for sure. I hope to be in for the next one!

  7. Marcie, that necklace is a stunner! Great idea on the clasp. I'm with Nancy, I'm not a bobby pin girl, but if I was, I'd have a pile of yours! They are such a great fashion accent.
    My mind is already whirling with the next color challenge. :)