Thursday, December 2, 2010

Margie and Me - Mosaic Tile Part 2

Okay, I  better get this post up ASAP, all my other ladies are one top of things!
Just to refresh, here is last week's challenge. A gorgeous tiled mosaic taken from Islamic architecture.
This one was a little tough, at least for me, the colors were waaay outside of my comfort range. (At least that's what I thought until I started working with it!)
My first idea was to create a Persian Ring using the colors. I needed to write up the tutorial for this ring anyway, and these colors were perfect to create another colorway for the tutorial.

But, I have used the Persian Ring for two other Margie and Me challenges and felt like I was kinda being lazy, so I decided to see what I could make using the Persian Ring pattern. (That's another great tip for creating new things, how can you twist an already great idea?)

The result was this necklace, which resulted in another booyah moment for me when I put it on. I LOVE it! It's modern, and kinda funky, but definitely an eye catcher.

To make it, I created three versions of my Persian Tile Ring, skipped the strap and just connected the three pieces at the corners.

The result is an almost bib-style necklace, but on a smaller scale, I listed it in my shop here.

Last but not least, because I really fell in love with this palette, I created a ring.

Now, I've told you before that I really want to start creating objects with more texture, kinda 3D. Well, my experimentation resulted in an extremely odd-looking ring.

I'm calling it the Mad Hatter, because it looks kinda like a wonky top hat and also because I was watching Alice in Wonderland when I created it. It features a 10mm round with a surrounded beadwoven "bezel" from there it kinda flares out like an octopus. I know, it sounds weird, and it looks even weirder, but I've been wearing it around for a couple of days now, and it's kinda growing on me (all fungus like).
Okay, here's where you guys get to show off!
First up, I'll show you Shirley's bracelet that she created. Simple herringbone with punches of that bright blue from the challenge palette.
Now it's your turn! Post your link at the bottom. I'm so eager to see what everyone has created. Thanks for playing along guys!


  1. You completely blew me away with the necklace... such an original piece. I'm always so excited to see what you've created and this week you out did yourself. The colors are spot on and with quite a difficult color palette, I think you worked wonders. I looked up the Delica numbers and to be honest, shied away from the actual colors and decided on a softer version.

    Great challenge again Marcie... thank you.

  2. Beautiful work Marcie! I LOVE the necklace - it really says "mosaic". Gorgeous!

  3. omg, this necklace is stunning! the shape, the colors...

  4. Oh I love what you did!! They captured the feel of the mosaics so well!!

  5. Oh yes yes yes that is a beautiful necklace! I love the Mad Hatter ring too it is so funky and fun!

  6. Marcie, you put us all to shame with your pieces! They really look like mosaics!
    Ladies, your talent is awesome!

  7. Absolutely stunning! Love your work.

  8. I lvoe both the necklace and the ring. You really are an amazing designer.

  9. Beautiful work! You've really captured the colors of the challenge palette perfectly!

  10. I so love the blue...I've been saying this in every comment on the challenge blog because it was making me crazy that I couldn't get it in with the size and shapes I had on hand. You pattern is fantastic and the punches of red really make the details in the pattern pop!

  11. I totally agree with have outdone yourself, bead buddy! What a stunning necklace, and it is absolutely perfect for the theme. Love, love, LOVE it! :-D

  12. Son unas preciosidades absolutas. El colgante que has hecho es una maravilla, me encanta, es precioso, enhorabuena!!!!!!

  13. Oh what an awesome necklace. I love it... great idea!

    I posted my piece... as you might have already read I was using my Challenge of Colour piece for this challenge too as the colour palettes were so similar... but anyhooo I had officially posted my piece in a separate blog post.


  14. Marcie, Elisabeth really said are a wonderful designer! And source of inspiration! You have really challenged everyone, as well as been a great advertiser for Margie's book! :)
    Thanks for such a great idea.
    Blessings, Shirley