Monday, December 6, 2010

Margie and Me - The Finals

Okay, I was really thinking about this last night, and just amazed that I had like 9 people that did Margie and Me this last time around. Thanks so much guys. I've been so inspired, not only by Margie's book, but by your creations also, and thanks for the wonderful comments that you left me, I know sometimes I don't have time to respond individually to each one, (especially this month!), but I do read each and they help me to grow as an artist and encourage me to keep working.

So, with that in mind, I've decided to make this last Margie and Me a month-long Color Throwdown. Yes, you heard me....throw-down. So, here's what we're gonna do....

I'm going to give you five Margie and Me palettes to choose from. A couple of them are palettes that I challenged myself with earlier this year and a couple of them are brand new. I'm going to give y'all until Dec.28th to e-mail me a photo of your piece with an explanation as to which color palette you chose and why. I will then post all of them on my blog by Dec. 30th. (Hopefully the next day). You can definitely blog about your piece as well.

We'll have two winners:
The first will be a random winner drawn from everyone's name as a big thanks just for participating,
the second will be People's Choice Margie and Me Champion for the year of 2010. I'll post everyone's piece on my blog and set up a vote as well. I'll leave the vote open for three or four days to let everyone get in their votes.

Yes, definitely, but I haven't decided what just yet, so as soon as I do, I'll let you know, but I'm warning you, it'll probably be a  nice little stash of beads for both winners.

1. You have to use one of the chosen color palettes.
2. It has to be jewelry, but it can be any form, strung, woven, embroidered, soldered, wrapped....what-ev.
3. Your entry has to be in my inbox by Dec. 28th (Eastern time) and don't blog your piece until the 30th.

Are you ready for the Finals??

Take a look at your gorge-mous color palettes...

For the 2010 Margie and Me Finals, the theme is art. Each of these palettes is inspired by art from all over the world and from many different times in history.

A. Titian the Venetian - #64
I fell in love with this palette when I first used it back in September, I was really drawn to the richness of the reds and punches of creamy pinks. The painting is Venus of Urbino by Titian the Venetian and painted during the Renaissance . 

B. Winged Lions of the Ishtar Gate - #46
Yes, I understand that these are not winged lions, but I think that this palette with it's colors better reflected the colors that Margie captured in her palette, and this tiled fresco is another from a different section of the Isthar Gate which guarded the entrance to the ancient city of Babylon. 

C. Lady and the Unicorn - #56
Now, this palette is like Adoration of the Magi in that it is almost overwhelming in its color scope, but in Margie's book (which you MUST check out) she narrows down the color field into something more usable. The Lady and the Unicorn is a medieval tapestry.

D. Lilies Fresco - #42
This is another one where you really must consult Margie's book, she has a way of narrowing the colors down to a more workable palette. Also, she uses a different part of the fresco which features a slightly different color background. The fresco itself is from the island of Akrotiri.

E. The Pink Tablecloth - #96While I myself am not a fan of modern art, I am a fan of this color palette from Georges Braque. The ligher shades of blue with the punches of mustard yellow are really striking and definitely deserve a place in the finals.

Now, here's your homework...if you have Margie Deeb's book, The Beader's Color Palette, then get started flipping through and choose your palette. If you don't have her book, you definitely need to take a little trip to your local book store or library or borrow it from a friend. My local bead store has a copy that sits on their inspiration shelf, you may even be able to find it there.
Margie offers so much by way of understanding the color palettes in terms of the quantity of the colors that she uses and she even gives you Delica #'s, so you can't go wrong!

If you have any questions, leave me a comment, or click on my profile to e-mail me. Spread the word! Anyone and everyone is welcome to play along, even if you've never done Margie and Me before!
Thanks so much guys and I'm so excited, how about you?


  1. Oh now that is just not right! I just finished the "Challenge of Color" hop thinking Whew that's done and now you throw this out there AND give me a month to finish it. Oh I guess I have no choice but to try my hand at this one too! It should be fun!

  2. I think I might just give this a whirl!

  3. Awwwwwww, what a great idea for the finals! BTW, I hope this is only the final to the 2010 Margie and Me Challenge, but not for 2011. Will you go on with this? It's so much fun and so inspiring!

  4. My mind is ticking away already :0) Great end to year, great idea and can't wait to get started. Thanks again for organizing all this and keeping us inspired.

  5. Sounds like an amazing challenge! Can you figure out how to add a few more weeks to December so I can get everything that I want to get accomplished?? ;)

    Hope to participate in this one. You've chosen some really beautiful palette choices for the finals!

    Happy holiday beading to all!

  6. THIS IS SO FUN AND COOL! Thank you for challenging folks to reach in the area of color!!!


  7. Oh boy, am I ever excited! But how to pick just ONE piece to enter? I may have to do one piece in each palette and try to narrow it down to one entry.

  8. Ok, those are just tooo hard of choices!! How dare you! I've been in a bit of a beading lull, so this is probably going to be enough to kick my out of the sand trap.

    Thank you! Off to look at my beads and plan out my future bead order!

  9. Sounds great and I love the colour palettes.

    Are we allowed to choose more than one palette and create more than one piece or are we limited to just one entry? Not saying I will manage more than one piece...but you know... just in case I can!!!


  10. OMG !!! What amazing color palettes! I wish I had enough time to do this! : (

  11. I'm late in the game but totally interested in participating. Looks like someone has a trip to the bead store in her VERY near future!

  12. This looks like so much fun but since I just found it and it is the 17th I don't think I have time to play this time.