Saturday, September 4, 2010

Margie and Me - Venus of Urbino Part 2

I've mentioned before how I'm a little OCD. (Don't believe me, go to my shop and search "carnaval") So, when I started thinking about what to create for this challenge, I went right back to my Budding Stones design.
This time I paired faceted gemstone beads with deep blood-red beads and some larger seed beads with a pearlized finish.

I think Venus would be proud.

I also used bead caps (what are those?) to surround the bead at the top of the drop.
I also added a lot of chain and made it adjustable. So you can wear it short.

Or long, if you're feeling like a night out at the opera. The Venus Opera Necklace is in my shop if you'd like to take a closer look.

Also, do you remember when I sent a few things to Kristie Roeder to help out with her Bead Fest show? Well, this lovely necklace sold! If the person who bought it is out there reading this, I never got to officially thank you. I hope you enjoy your piece!

Well, the second piece that I sent her didn't sell at the show, so I'm listing Encircled Bead Embroidered Pendant in my shop.

Kristie also sent me a few more of these little connectors to play with. Yes, these were connectors and, lovingly, snipped the wire off of them, because, as you guys know, stringing does not come naturally to me, plus I think they look great as cabs!

I know I promised you guys more work, but all the things that I was working on yesterday just didn't pan out to my satisfaction, so I'll keep working away and hopefully have some new stuff to show you soon. Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Are those stones in the Venus piece faceted jasper? The whole thing is gorgeous. I love the opera length piece with the bead caps - what a great idea!

  2. I can totally understand why you keep going back to your Budding Stones design...and I think this is my favourite colourway yet! The pearlized seedies really bring out the deep red of the faceted stones. Really, really gorgeous, Marcie!

  3. I love your Venus necklace. Rich Reds!! Very nice new work!!

  4. Que hermosos amiga! El primer colgante me dejo alucinada.. es para admirarlo un buen rato por lo bello que es! Te felicito eres una inspiracion para mi. Besito que tengas un buen fin de semana.

  5. Your pieces are stunning! I like your choice of stones and pearls. Lovely combination!

  6. Great work. The Budding Stones design is gorgeous - I can see why you keep going back to it.

    I also love the other pendants you have created - the connectors look great too - I would never have known they had been connectors!