Monday, September 6, 2010

Margie and Me - #167 The Badlands

I realized just as soon as I chose this palette that it was a lot like Mammoth Springs. So, here's how it's different in Margie's book. Do you see that lovely mustardy yellow color? That's Margie's base color for this palette, with the greens, blues, and reds, toned down. Think of this palette as it would look in the evening, and you've got Margie's palette.

These are Margie's colors, but you gotta turn down the saturation level.
Okay, some stuff that I got done over the weekend....
First, this is my nesting bracelet in a lavender version. I know, it's a little springy, but it just came together and I couldn't stop myself.

The rounds are Moss Agate, and I just went through and chose the light lavender rounds.

I've got to tell you, these bracelets are sooo comfortable to wear. I think the nesting idea is really obvious when you add the we need a necklace?!
Lavender Beadwoven Nesting Bracelet is in the shop.

The next is what I'm calling  a Peek-A-Boo ring. This is, believe it or not, a version of the components I used for the nesting bracelet. It leaves a little hole in the center so your finger shows through a little.
I like it so much, I wore to bed last, seriously.

It's in my shop in two colorways. Light Mauve and Soft Green are both in there.

Oh, and right after I changed my blog background, my Autumn Raindrops Pendant sold, so, if my background is different every day of the week this'll know why!!
Enjoy your Labor Day!! You've earned it!


  1. I love the colors in your nesting bracelet. Is the Badlands the palette for this week?

  2. Your nesting bracelet is wonderful. I love the soft tones even though fall is upon us.

  3. ...I'm thinking about playing along...nothing big, just a little something, something to get me out of my color slump. Since no bead store is in range Monday-Friday (Michael's and Hobby Lobby are only within distance on the weekend for emergency supplies), I've got to dig around in the stash. We'll see what I come up with...thanks for the encouragement!
    ¿La escuela va a comenzar esta semana o comenz√≥ hace unas semanas?

  4. Ohhh Marcie you have outdone yourself this time. I absolutely adore your nesting bracelet - those wee little birds really do add a touch of romance to the piece.

    I also love your peekaboo rings too - what a great idea!

    I love your next color palette too! I will be buying Margie's book this week (which should take a week to get to me) so hopefully I will be able to play the color challenge with you soon!


  5. Oooooooo - love the inspiration colors. They are right in lone with some of my recent purchases. Let's see what I can get done this week :-)