Saturday, September 25, 2010

Margie and Me - The Sudan Part 2

When I chose the Sudan last week, I thought that this would be an easy challenge. Boy, was I wrong. I must have tried four different designs before settling on these little pins. I've used 6mm picture jasper rounds with some faceted glass beads and some matte seeds in the challenge colors. These are so easy to wear and since I chopped of the hair last week, I've been wearing a lot of bobby pins! Desert Safari Bead Embroidered Pins are listed in my shop.

 Also, my bead buddy Shirley Moore sent me a picture last night of her challenge bracelet. Those beadwoven spirals are awesome! Thanks Shirley! If you played, leave me a comment, and I'll update this post with a link to your creation!

Okay, here's the new stuff for this week. First up is another bead embroidered pendant, this time with some amazing Picasso Jasper teardrops. This one has the bail on the back so it hangs on the cord and kind of floats. Jasper Blooms is in the shop.

I also listed my Autumn Turquoise pendant, which has one gorgeous oval turquoise bead for the center with smaller turquoise rounds surrounding it. The colors are so bright and really inviting.

 This next necklace was really a result of me just playing around with these four gorgeous charoite rounds. The purple and lavender tones in these beads were so intense. I created this little pendant and then added some faceted dangles and really dainty chain. This is a one of a kind design, and I probably won't be able to replicate it, so once it's gone, it's gone! (I hardly ever doing things this dainty, but I really like it!) Lavender Quatrefoil is also in my shop.

Also, I love the metalwork rings that I see on Etsy (a la Rosy Revolver), so I wanted to see if I could replicate that feel with beads and stones. To that end, I created Stoned Bead Embroidered Ring and wore it all day yesterday (and fell promptly in love). You'll see more of these in the future.

The second bead embroidered ring I call Metallurgy. It's all copper and brass and shiny!

Okay, this last one I've been working on for a couple of weeks. I used some faceted teardrops and brassy seed beads to make each individual star and then wove them together to create this bracelet.

The stars are 3-D. I'm really beginning to feel the more that I work with beads that I need to explore the structural nature of what can be done with beads so I feel that going 3D is the next step up and I've been working to that end on create pieces with substance.

The clasp is also original. Do you see the toggle portion? It's a herringbone clasp with only 3 stacks of beads! It just sorta came to me and worked out so well. I'm definitely going to be making another one of these, probably in silver so stay tuned. I do need a name though, so any suggestions?

Alright, I hope you enjoy your Saturday! I know I plan on going shopping with the sisses...


  1. Some fantastic designs this week... you really are talented :0) wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  2. Wow, you've been a busy girl! Your work looks amazing, Marcie! I think my favorite thing is the amazing 3D bracelet. Those stars are very cool! The metallurgy ring is lovely! The colors in the Jasper Blooms and Autumn Turquoise pendants are breathtaking. One is so neutral and natural with a matte finish and the other one really pops with the contrast. Love, love, LOVE.

    Awesome work. I am working on my challenge piece so hope to get it finished, blogged and linked to you by the end of the day!

  3. You are as busy as I am. I love each and every piece, however, since it seems both of us are into rings these day, your rings are amazing.

  4. qué hermoso todo!!
    felicidades por tu trabajo!!

  5. Hi Marcie! Whew, I made the Saturday deadline! :) Thanks for including me. Here's the link to my blog entry:

  6. LOOOOOOVE all of your pieces, especially the turquoise!

  7. I am blown away, lady. Not to sound like a busted record, but I truly don't understand how you do what you do.

    Just beautiful. And I am so flattered to be some small source of inspiration. :)))))

    Huge hugs and have a great weekend,

    PS- Can't wait to get a cuff one day! :)

  8. Oh My Marcie all the pieces are amazing!!! You have been busy! I love the purple that is so cool! I love your eye candy!!!!