Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday - The Day Before Saturday

Which is basically all it is. I'm so looking forward to tomorrow. I've actually had more than one person say that they wanted to participate in my Margie and Me challenge this week! So I'm crossing my fingers that you'll have more to look at tomorrow than just me (well, my piece anyway)...

Okay, just to wrap up from Wednesday, thanks soooo much guys for your input about artists and copying and I'm so glad that my advice for anyone searching for their inspiration helped you guys. It always seems like the conversation stops short when I read, "Be creative!" and "Be original" with no explanation on HOW to do this thing.

Oh, and here are some of the things that people said that really helped me to think deeper with this topic:
Patricia mentioned how important tutorials have been in teaching her techniques, and Lois brought up a good point by saying that buying an inexpensive tutorial is waaaay cheaper than actually driving/flying to a class to learn a technique. I also agree with her in that a good tutorial should explain the project enough that it does not need anyone else to do so.
I also loved what Cindy from Bead Origami said about the time involved to reverse-engineer something as a copier instead of just buying the tutorial.
Finally, I was just really overwhelmed by your responses. Thank you.

Okay, finally, I'm putting in a picture of one of the most impressive uses of RAW that I've seen in a while. (this one, no one will be reverse-engineering) It's from the winner of the Beads Perles contest "Jewelry of the Future".
It's an amazing bracelet from an Hungarian beader. Just look at this! Incredible. You can see more of her amazing jewelry here:


  1. That is awesome and I sure wish I knew other languages to enjoy both of their blogs!

  2. Woah, that bracelet is amazing!

    Cindy made a good point -- why spend all that time when you can honor the maker and buy the tutorial (that takes HOURS and DAYS to make, btw)?

    I have a craft show this weekend -- I always get the "I can make that" comments and then the grilling about where I get my stuff. I never quite know how to handle that and just wing it based upon the asker's attitude.

  3. Que trabajazo, que originalidad!!