Monday, September 27, 2010

Margie and Me - #157 Tuscany

 Okay, I've had my eye on this color palette for a while and I'm finally getting the umph to try it out. Two colors waaay outside my comfort zone: pink and orange, and this week we're going pink, well, sorta. I can't get the proportions to show correctly like they do in Margie's color palette, but you can imagine...
A strong concentration on greens as the dominant background color... 

 With some lovely terracottas and light browns adding the accents.
 I'm excited, I do hope you'll play along and drop me a note to let me know so I'll be sure an include your Tuscan creation. Oh, and speaking of amazing creations, I've got one to show you from last week's challenge. Lisa Fuller, my new Etsy Beadweaver's Teammate, posted on her blog her lovely pendant that she used with the inspiration from the Sudan. I do hope you'll check out her blog to see some more pics.
Alright, enjoy the week and good luck with the challenge!


  1. Hi Marcie! So excited to see my piece included in the blog today. I had a great time thinking outside the box for that one so I appreciate your positive feedback and for sharing it with your readers. :)

    I wanted to clarify this week's challenge. You say pink and orange, but the color swatches are more muted. Is your intent that the key colors should be a brighter pink/orange and the swatches be guides for the background? Or, would it be okay to use more peachy/terracotta tones?

    I love, LOVE Tuscany and have always wanted to travel there. A photo like the one you've posted just puts me in my happy place. That tranquility and culture... simply beautiful.


  2. Ok, I'm in for this week too! Already have a project in mind. We'll see how quickly it comes together.

  3. I will be in for next week's challenge. I have the book and would love to play, but somehow missed this week's challenge (ahhhhhhh, tomorrow is already Saturday!). So see you next week!