Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Need your suggestions...

About three years ago, on an impulse buy, I purchased a bag from Lalaland. At the time, she was living in my town, and I purchased the bag at a sidewalk fair. It was made out of a beautiful purple Echino print deep eggplant velvet with a cranberry stripe. It's a cross-body bag, so it hangs kinda low on my hip (that's how I like to wear purses) and the weight is amazing.

I have not stopped carrying it in 3 years, and it's just now starting to show some wear, and I'd like to get a new one, so I'm asking you guys where you buy your purses? I, of course, would love to buy handmade from Etsy, but there are so many to choose from so I'm asking for a little assistance to narrow down my possibilities!
I'm looking for something like I described above. If you've got a good place, leave me a comment with the link.

Here's my sale item for the day. It's my Nautilus Necklace, and I almost fell out onto the floor when I read that it had 1013 views and 18 hearts. It's wierd because every time I wear this out, I get stopped by total strangers asking me about my necklace. I wish I could translate that sentiment to a picture so that people could really see how striking it is.
After 24 hours, I'm taking it out of the shop, to be gone forever!
P.S. Sorry there's no guessing game, but if you guessed The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen for last week, you were dead on!


  1. I love your Nautilus Necklace, is almost hypnotic with all that delicious swirling going on :-) No wonder people stop you on the street to ask you about it (I hope you hand out your business card when they do!)

    Wish I could help you on the bag issue, but good luck finding what you want!

  2. Madre mia Marcie,es maravilloso,seguro que llama muchisimo la atencion,precioso!y lleno de tu buen gusto personal!

  3. I absolutely recommend bags from Lori Plyer of Waterstone

  4. I love the cross style bag too! I'm constantly looking for the perfect bag in that style. It can't be to small and it can't be too large like a messenger either. I can't wait to see who you find! I would like to get a bag from moop when my budget allows. I like a bag that is simple and utilitarian.

    I love your necklace. It is a beautiful style and I could see a whole line developing in those styles!

  5. I agree with Lorelei...just bought my first from her and it looked EXACTLY as pictured - can't wait to use it for a trip at the end of the month.

  6. I love the cross style bag too... with a little man I love not having to hold onto a bag and having one that I can just sling over my shoulders/body.

    I love your Nautilus necklace. You have created wonderful movement there. Gorgeous!

    Good luck with the new bag!


  7. Hola! Perdon por escribir en español. Pero quería comentar que su blog me parece fantastico! Esta pieza es maravillosa, y todo lo demas que he visto me ha impactado mucho! Es una belleza su arte y quiero dejar mis felicitaciones. Me sumo a sus seguidoras y dejo un besito (º.º) y saludos. Maika