Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lady, Lady and a reminder...

Here are my two sale items for today.
The first is my India Sari Pendant, which was inspired by a Margie and Me challenge.
Also inspired by a Margie and Me challenge, Lady of the Lake is on sale. These are only in the shop for 24 more hours and after that, I'm taking them out of the shop for-ev-uh.
And the last reminder, if you want to play along with Margie and Me this week, and you feel like gettin' your creating on with some new inspiration, leave me a comment, and we'll all meet up on Saturday to compare creations!


  1. I know I have asked you before but do you have a pattern for these beaded beads? I have been searching and I can't seem to find one like these simple ones. I even have 14mm wooded beads ready! I hope these both go to a good home and that your sales are going well!