Saturday, August 28, 2010

Margie and Me - The Mammoth Springs Part 2

Each week when I start a new Margie and Me challenge, I never know where the inspiration is gonna come from. A lot of times I use the color palette not just for color, but also for shape and design. For example, when I worked on Baldacchino , I created the bracelet with the shape of the sculpture in mind.
Well, this week...not so much. I have no idea how this ended up so geometric. I'm definitely loving the colors, and I think that they're dead on with the inspiration image, but I have no idea where the geometry came from.

I mean, it's really geometric!
I also invented this cool clasp to close it off. I built up the weave and layered one diamond on top of the other and then created a loop to clasp around the top diamonds. I'm gonna patent this clasp and make millions! Okay, probably not, but I wore it all day yesterday and with this kind of clasp, it is very secure when worn.

I call it Cool Geometry and you can find it in my shop. (this type of beadwoven work doesn't generally sell well for me, but I thought I'd give it a shot!) Although I'm open to other names if you guys can think of a better one!

I also added another pendant to my Seeds and Stones Collection. I call this one Surrounded.

Okay, last thing...I need a little feedback...I've decided to work on a new tutorial, but I'd like your input on which bracelet I should work on. Here are my choices...
The first is a bracelet that I haven't created in a while, but the last three that I created in this style all sold. I called this one Smoke and Mirrors, but I've also made a version called Scarlett Lace and Under the Sea.

I've also had quite a few requests for Baldacchino as a pattern.

Or, I could do Cool Geometry as a pattern. Let me know what you guys think. Even if you're not a beadweaver, I'd be interested to hear which is your fav.
Oh, by the way, thanks guys for everything.


  1. I vote for Baldacchino, although any of the items you create would be great to learn. Warm regards, Connie

  2. Actually, I think both are beautiful!!! and they are so different from each other, I think a tutorial for both would be great!!! lol

  3. I want the first one. Like WANT WANT. Although I think I might buy the other two as well. :)

  4. I like both of them so either way I think that you will do great

  5. I like your clever clasp, it looks nice and secure! Your 'Surrounded' necklace is gorgeous, and absolutely perfect for Autumn...the colours are beautiful.

    Smoke & Mirrors would have to be my pick of the bunch, it's such a pretty design and I'm not at all surprised that all of the different versions have sold (so why aren't you making more of them if they're a hot seller??!!!)


  6. I love both of your bracelets and would gladly buy the tutorials for both but I think I would be more inclined to actually make Baldacchino as it looks a little easier to me!

    Hey did you ever release a tutorial for your Stellar necklace? I'd love to give that one a try if you have.

    Karyn ♥

  7. Ok I love both as tutorials but to be perfectly honest I would love a tutorial on the nesting bracelet!!!!!!


  8. That bracelet is so very, very cool! You should be so proud!!!!