Saturday, July 17, 2010

Margie and Me - Atticus Atlas Moth Part 2

I tried, I really did try to do something different with the Atticus Atlas Moth colors. I tried to make a beaded bead like El Mar and I tried to create a ring with the moth shape, but none of them looked as good as this did:
So, here it is a Carnaval Pendant in some amazingly intense reds, purples and soft mints. I call it Carnaval Pendant in Rich Red.

I promise this will be the last one...well, at least for the won't have to see another one of these all week. I promise. :)
Little known fact, I love Egyptian history. I used to consume books about Ancient Egypt, so here it is: The Egyptology Pendant. An amazing mix of the most intense reds, blues and turquoise green reminiscient of all things Egypt.

Finally, I created a bracelet to accompany El Mar choker. It's a tiny beaded bead strung on black waxed cotton cord. El Mar Bracelet is listed separately from it's partner, but if you purchase both of them at the same time, I'll give you a little deal. :) You'll have to check out the listing to see!

Here are the two close-up, the larger choker up top, and the smaller bracelet at the bottom.

Enjoy your weekend!
Oh, and don't forget, I'm joining in on the fun of Etsy's Christmas in July sale! So if it's red or green it's 10% off. Check out my shop for details!


  1. Again I love these! I hope you come up with a tutorial! Also nice snippet in the new Beadwork mag!