Monday, July 12, 2010

Margie and Me - Attacus Atlas Moth

I decided to refer to the Creeping, Crawling Color section of Margie's book for this week's inspiration. Allow me to be the first to say that I DO NOT like bugs of any kind. (except butterflies, but are they really bugs?) Which is one reason why I put off like the plague this section of Margie's book.

I chose #185 Attacus Atlas Moth. Named for the appearance of the "maps" on it's back, it's a mix of bright red, lavender, yellow, and Margie throws in aloe-green as a complement to the other colors.

Attacus Atlas Moth Mask, Deborah Klein
It's the world's largest moth in case you were wondering and as I look at it, I can feel my knees getting weak at just the thought of something like that landing on me.
I would probably pass out. They live only in Southeast Asia which is good because that probably means I won't have to deal with them anytime soon.

Enjoy the first day of your weekend, and remember the next time there's a strange large bug heading toward you, look on the bright side because it could be could be a flippin' huge Atlas Moth!

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