Thursday, June 3, 2010

Who makes the statement?

In case you missed it, June is all about Bead and Button, and for the Carnival Bloggers who won't be able to attend the show, Cindy Gimbrone proposed a little challenge...make a statement...a statement necklace that is.

So, here's mine. I call it The Weeping Stone. And yes, I know it's not gigantic, and I know that it doesn't require it's own free standing support base, and I know that it's probably missing 1 or 12 beads to make it an official "statement" necklace. I started to think about the term "statement necklace", I asked myself, who makes the statement? Me or the necklace? And I wanted it to be me.

And so it is. This necklace reminds me of the kind of jewelry that I used to wear when I really started to enjoy wearing jewelry. I gravitated toward large pendants and lots of seed beads. (This was before I ever started weaving them.)
So, when I picked the Elaine Ray toggle out of my stash, I knew I wanted it to be a big pendant. So, I wire wrapped the toggle bar to the top of the hoop and then made a multi-strand chain of seed beads with some jasper rounds to hold everything together.

The result is a necklace that makes a statement about me, the wearer and not the necklace itself. I mean, isn't that the point after all?

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous. Love your beadwork and the Elaine Ray Toggle used in such a unique way. Definitely is a statement about you--elegant and creative.

  2. Stunning! I love your statement necklace!

  3. Marcie, I love it - but is that a surprise (since I like everything you make)? I was worried that I could never wear something that makes a statement. You solved it in a great way. It's really cool.

  4. Lovely, that's a great necklace. regards Stefanie

  5. Really pretty... Before I read your statement I looked at the pendant and thought it looked like a toggle... BUT I think it makes a great pendant... Love the way you incorporated the bar!... islandgirl... aka lynne

  6. GORGEOUS, absolutely GORGEOUS! You are amazingly talented...and your work sure stands out in a crowd! :-)

  7. I think is makes an awesome statement about the artist and the artwork too! Very thoughtful and contemplative piece, love it!

  8. I love it, Marcie! To me it says, "Balance", something that I struggle with each and every day. Nicely done.

  9. A lovely clean and modern design, Marcie! Just lovely! Thanks for participating :-)